The Best Kisser Button: Get Your Shots Straight Every Time

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How many times have you taken a shot and it went wide? Too often, right? Well, now there is a solution to your problems. Introducing the Best Kisser Button! This amazing little invention will ensure that every shot you take is straight on target. No more embarrassing misses! Simply press the Best Kisser Button and line up your sights – then pull the trigger. You’ll be amazed at how accurate your shots will be with this handy little tool. So don’t miss out – get your Best Kisser Button today!

To the uninitiated, a kisser may appear to be something else entirely (perhaps even another human being!), but in archery, it refers to an anchor point designed for enhancing accuracy. A peep sight is also commonly used as an anchor point, yet can and should be swapped out with a kisser from time to time. By utilizing this type of anchoring technique regularly during practice sessions or competitions, shots will become increasingly straight over time!

8 Best Kisser Button 2023

1.) Pine Ridge Archery Slotted Kisser Button

Pine Ridge Archery Slotted Kisser Button

The Pine Ridge Archery Slotted Kisser Button is quite the game changer in terms of archery! Crafted from a soft material, it’s so flexible you’ll have no trouble installing your bowstring. Plus, this kisser button won’t make your lips sore – it feels smooth and comfortable to use every time. With its ease of installation and comfort on your skin, this kisser button is an absolute must for any serious archer!

Not only does the kisser give you a secure, reliable anchor point while shooting your bow, but it also offers you the added advantage of absorbing vibrations and reducing noise from the string. As we all know, any loud noises can scare away prey or reveal your position if you are trying to remain hidden. To make things even better, these kissers come in various vibrant colors that will guarantee to match with whatever color scheme of bow you have!

2.) Allen Kisser Button

Allen Kisser Button

The Allen kisser button is an easy-to-install solution that will quickly transform your shooting experience. To use it, simply slide the bowstring into place above the nocking point and adjust the height of the button to form a comfortable anchor point. Then, secure both ends with clips before giving them one final crimp using nocking pliers–it’s as simple as that! With this convenient upgrade, you’ll be able to shoot more accurately and confidently in no time at all.

Crafted from a high-quality, soft polymer material that feels gentle on the lips and provides an ideal fit with its smooth and rounded body – irritation is never an issue. Additionally, this special polymer absorbs some of the vibrations generated after each shot for enhanced comfort during use, while simultaneously making your bow quieter when hunting. The result? A stealthy yet practical weapon that will always be ready to fire at any given opportunity!

3.) Truglo Trug Kisser Button

Truglo Trug Kisser Button

The Truglo Trug kisser button is incredibly soft and non-slotted so that it feels delightful on the lips. Its round edge also eliminates any possible risk of your skin becoming irritated or injured, as slotted buttons have a higher tendency to cause uncomfortable friction if installed with the slot facing your mouth.

The kisser’s supple material complements the bow’s functionality by diminishing oscillations of the string after releasing an arrow. Its pliability moderates some of these vibrations, resulting in a quieter experience that is ideal for hunting.

Installing it on your anchor point requires some effort – the string must be threaded through, then slid up to its lip position. To make this possible, you’ll need a bow press release that can help loosen the tension of the string before pulling out its end. Once fixed in place, two clips will secure both sides of the kisser and keep it safely attached to your anchor point.

4. String Love 2.0 Kisser Button

String Love 2.0 Kisser Button

The String Love 2.0 Kisser Button is designed to provide fast and hassle-free installation, as it boasts a slot that spans the entire length of the button for quick setup. No bow press is necessary either – simply attach two clips included with each purchase onto your bowstring and you’re good to go! The ideal size of its slot allows for perfect fitment on the string, ensuring stability throughout all shooting sessions.

Featuring a soft plastic material that is comfortable to the touch and features round edges which make it perfectly safe, this kisser eliminates string oscillations and reduces noise making it an ideal tool for hunting bows. With its ability to absorb some of the string vibrations after shooting, you can trust that your experience will be all-around pleasant with zero irritation or discomfort.

5. Draves Marketing Kisser Button

Draves Marketing Kisser Button

This kisser button is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit at the corner of your lips. It doesn’t just offer comfort but convenience too since it acts as an anchor point for those who needs help in aiming. Crafted from a soft material, this one-of-a-kind accessory offers remarkable smoothness that won’t leave any discomfort on the lips!

The kisser has the ability to muffle some of the string’s vibration, making it quieter and granting you a sense of stealth when hunting. Not only that, but its slot extends across its entire length which allows for simple installation on any bowstring – no pressing required!

By having this tool on-hand, you’ll save a bundle by avoiding the cost of technicians at your local archery shop to help with unstringing and installing. Plus, it’s simple to use! With two clamps included for securing into place – so no worries about anything slipping out of position – installation is as easy as pressing these together with nock pliers. Done in less time than ever before!

6. Carbon Express Kisser Button

Carbon Express Kisser Button

The Carbon Express kisser button is designed to fit any cam bowstring and comes with two metallic clips for anchoring it in a fixed position. This allows you to achieve dependable anchor points on every draw, allowing you to take consistently accurate shots. It further features a slotted side that acts as an entry point when installing the item into your bow string – making installation effortless without needing access to a bow press!

The kisser is expertly crafted with a rounded and smooth finish, ensuring superior comfort on the lips that won’t cause any skin irritation. Furthermore, it is affordably priced for a single pack containing enough product to last you through personal use.

7. Cir-Cut Archery Kisser Button

Cir Cut Archery Kisser Button

Cir-Cut Archery’s Kisser Button is an innovative product that makes bowstring installation easier and more affordable than ever. Unlike other kissers, this one has a slot running its entire length so the string can be quickly inserted with minimal hassle. What’s even better? You don’t need to use a press! Two clips keep it secure on either side of the string, allowing for greater stability when shooting—giving you consistent anchor points every time you draw back your bow.

The button is made of a soft and durable material that feels pleasant on the lips, as well as absorbs vibrations from the bowstring to muffle any noise. It’s no surprise then that it makes for an ideal accessory not just to a hunter’s arsenal but also anyone who values stealth in their shooting game!

8. Bohning Kisser Button

Bohning Kisser Button

This kisser button is incredibly lightweight, so it won’t negatively impact the balance of your bowstring. Crafted with a hard plastic material, this accessory is both durable and strong; however, its lack of vibration-dampening capabilities makes it less ideal for hunting bows.

This kisser is designed with a length-wise slot, allowing for fast and effortless installation. With two clips coming in the package, all you have to do is press it into your bowstring and clamp both ends for an install time that’s much shorter than usual. In addition to its convenient setup, this kisser features a rounded shape that fits comfortably around your lips while also providing smoothness against the skin.

Buying Guide

With countless features to choose from, deciding on the best kisser button can be daunting. To make sure you purchase one that suits your needs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

I. Slotted or not

The installation process of the kisser button can vary depending on its type. The slot style is usually the easiest to install; all you need to do is push the bowstring into it until it reaches the center, and then adjust your nock point above for a secure anchor point. However, if installed with the slot facing towards your lips, this could be an issue – there’s a risk that some skin irritation may occur, or even worse, you might pull out a few mustache hairs!

Non-slotted kissers guarantee a greater level of safety but require an abundance of effort for setup. To properly fasten the string to these types of buttons, you must have a local bow press available and be prepared to flex your bow’s limbs until it releases tension from said strings so that you can insert its end into the centermost region of the kisser button and push through it until achieving desired positioning. Although non-slotted varieties are often more difficult to mount than slotted ones – if access to a reliable bow press is attainable, then this type may still be suitable for use.

II. Type of material

Kisser buttons come in three forms: hard plastic, soft plastic, and rubber-like material. The hard plastic is exceptionally resilient but may still require additional silencers if you wish to hunt with your bow as it doesn’t sufficiently dampen the string vibrations. On the other hand, soft plastic offers a certain amount of shock absorption to reduce sound levels while also providing some comfort during use.

Rubber-like materials are the perfect choice for kisser buttons as they provide a secure anchor point while effectively dampening string vibrations. However, it is important to note that this material may be less durable than plastic options.

III. Weight

Light kisser buttons serve as the perfect addition to your archery and hunting experience due to their balance-preserving qualities. Not only do they not disturb the string’s delicate architecture, but they also don’t hinder the bow’s performance in any way! Of all of your options, lightweight kisser buttons should take precedence for a satisfying hunt.

IV. Size

Optimal size is key when it comes to kisser buttons. Most of them measure between 1/2 – 9/16 inches in diameter, offering a snug fit within the mouth that imparts an immensely comfortable experience whilst using them.

V. Shape

Kisser buttons are typically circular, yet with subtle variations in terms of ergonomic designs. A round kisser featuring an ergonomic design is the best choice for a comfortable archery experience.

VI. Additions

Investing in a pack of multi-colored kissers is beneficial when selecting the ideal color that pairs with your bow. Not only do you get to choose from an extensive variety, but these packs should also come equipped with clips for securing onto the bowstring. This ensures maximum convenience and efficiency for both experienced archers and beginners alike.


This review provides an extensive overview of kisser buttons. The optimal one ought to be crafted from a lightweight, pliant material and have a rounded shape for ease. Additionally, it should be petite in size and come with its own clips plus optionally multiple differently shaded kisser buttons. For those who are unfamiliar with archery terminology: this analysis will help you understand what your friends were talking about all the time—and no, it wasn’t their female companions!

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