Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Bow And Arrow

Mistakes Buying Bow And Arrow

Before you start shopping for a bow and arrow, there are a few mistakes that you must avoid. These mistakes can affect your performance or even be dangerous to you when in use. Here are some things that people do which should not be done when buying a bow and arrow:

Mistake Number 1: Buying A Wrong Or Inappropriate Bow For Yourself

As much as possible, buy the correct size of the bow. You may try bringing along family members or friends who have been archery shooters before so they could take measurements for you. This will save them from being humiliated by measuring your bicep while at the store; also it is more accurate if someone else does it for you because each person has a different arm length/size.

Having the right size will make it easy for you to shoot the bow according to your comfort level. So if you are buying a youth compound bow, do not buy an adult-sized bow or vice versa.

It is advisable to buy a tried and tested bow. If you are buying your first bow, do not experiment with models that have bad ratings or no reviews yet. You may start by reading product descriptions online of brands or manufacturers of bows.

Read customer feedback available on some sites so you can determine the pros and cons of each model.

Also, read online forums about archery equipment so you can learn more about which brands are good or bad for beginners.

Mistake Number 2: Not Doing Enough Research Before Buying A Bow And Arrow

Doing enough research will help you get accurate information about different types of bows for sale. When I started shopping for my second bow, I did not know what I should look for in a bow, and what I should avoid. Luckily I found a lot of information online that helped me narrow down my search and pick the right one for me.

Mistake Number 3: Not Reading Specifications Before Buying A Bow And Arrow

Reading product specifications is very important especially if you are buying your first bow and arrow. This will help you understand more about the equipment such as its weight, size, draw length (distance from grip to string when the string is pulled back), strength (how much power it can handle), the maximum distance it can shoot accurately, etc.

If possible, try firing several different bows before making up your mind. Their characteristics may not be the same as those posted in their product descriptions so it’s good to shoot each one to know which one suits you best.

Mistake Number 4: Not Taking Care Of Your Equipment Properly

Proper care of your equipment will help increase its lifespan such as using a bow stringer or press when stringing your bows (pushing the limbs into the riser). If you are not sure how to properly string it, ask for help from an archery shop or read online tutorials about this topic. Also, be mindful of where and how you store your bow. Avoid leaving it in places that have high humidity levels or too much dust because these can affect the performance of the bow over time.

Finally, always remember these tips so you can get yourself a good quality bow without having to spend too much money. Do not rush shopping for your first bow, there are a lot of options that may overwhelm you.

The most important thing to keep in mind before buying any kind of equipment is safety so please be careful to avoid injury. I hope this article was helpful!

Is archery an expensive hobby?

Archery is definitely not an expensive sport, especially if you are just starting out. There are so many things that you will need before taking it up. Make sure to check the equipment checklist below for beginners so you have an idea of what to prepare before learning archery or purchasing any bow and arrow sets:

1. Personal protection gear such as a chest guard (recommended), arm guard, and face mask; or you can buy a complete set of packages that has all three gears included such as the SAS Spirit Archery Set for Beginners.

It includes an armguard, finger tab, and quiver with arrows! The entire set is on Amazon right now which I think is very affordable even for first-timers.

2. A bow and arrows of course! You can spend $14.99 for a recurve bow at Amazon, or you can go straight to the set if you want to save some time shopping around, just be sure that it has what you need according to your preferred style of archery – recurve or compound.

3. Archery targets are also very needed for learning the sport so get yourself an archery target too like this one here which costs only $19.95. It comes with five 3D animal cards printed on polyester fabric so it is reusable even after years of practicing your technique. I mean, you will definitely use up pretty much all this equipment in no time, right? So don’t buy something that is too expensive because it will just be a waste.

Here are some of the inexpensive archery targets I recommend

Field Logic Youth Block 

Traditional Archery Gurus

Morrell Targets

Traditional Archery Gurus - Morrel Targets

HME Products Bowhunting Archery

Traditional Archery Gurus - bow hunting

Traditional Hand-Made Straw Archery Target

Traditional Archery Gurus - Hand Made Straw Archery

Aimdor Archery Target Heavy Duty Target

Archery Target Heavy Duty Target

What are the most important things to consider before buying archery targets?

If you want to shoot arrows without damaging your garage, backyard, or lawn, you should buy 3D animal-shaped targets made out of fabric. You can also pick foam blocks but they tend to sink into the ground so this may be a problem later on. However, there’s no need for buying bag targets because they only slow you down because setting them up takes too much time. Just don’t go after cheap plastic targets which just won’t last long – choose quality above price!

Here are some recommended

Black Hole – 4 Sided Archery Target 
Black Hole 4 Sided Archery Target Traditional Archery Gurus
Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS 4 Sided Cube
Double Duty 450 FPS 4 Sided Cube Traditional Archery Gurus
Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target
Rinehart Targets e1632374989497

Which budget should I have to begin my archery?

At first, it’s best to take up archery with a budget of $100 or less. You can check at Sports Authority or Walmart for beginner bows that cost no more than this amount.

Do compound bows really cost so much?

Compound bows may look expensive but they actually last longer than recurve types plus they give you more fun because they are easier to use from the first day you try them. But if your budget is really tight, I suggest starting with a recurve bow because they are cheaper and can give you a lot of benefits too.

What things should beginners consider before buying a compound bow?

The following tips will help you decide what to choose:

1. Go for a weight that fits your draw length because if it’s too heavy, you won’t be able to pull back easily or repeatedly so pick something that is comfortable to shoot with.

2. Equip yourself with personal protection gear such as gloves, arm guard, face mask, chest guard, etc… so accidents can be prevented from happening! For beginners, targets come in 3D animal shapes that are made out of fabric which is reusable because it’s not too expensive.

3. There should be at least ten arrows in your bow and arrow set so you can practice shooting while learning the right way to shoot a bow. When choosing arrows, make sure they are compatible with your draw length or else they will sag when released from the string.

4. The bow sight pin/scope should have four pins for beginners who are still picking up accuracy. Higher-end bows should come with more pins though but don’t worry if it only has three or four because it’s already enough and I’m sure you’ll get used to it no time.

5. Make sure that the stabilizer is durable and adjustable so it will stay sturdy on the string.

6. The arrow rest should be easy to adjust and not too sensitive because if it moves a lot, your bow will lose its accuracy.

7. Make sure that the arrow shelf is made from fiberglass or high-grade plastic materials so it can hold up well with shooting as this gets worn out easily as you know bows can flex as they shoot so this part of the bow takes some stress.

8. Have your draw weight checked at an archery store so you can be sure about what poundage you need for handling without straining yourself. It’s very important! Bowhunting may look like a piece of cake but pulling back on a recurve or compound bow is not just easy and light work, even professional hunters find it tough.

9. Draw lengths should be measured at your local archery store so you can get the right size that will fit your body type well. If you’re too tall but have a shorter draw length, this means that you’ll have to hold up high when pulling back which will only cause pain in your arms and shoulders after some shots so if possible, take someone who’s about your height with you while shopping for compound bows. Otherwise, just don’t buy it because there are always solutions online like buying longer draw weights or re-stringing bow limbs for people aging 16 years old and above (draw weight 9 – 12 should do).

10. You can also choose between different options like speed, axis rotation, offset, etc…

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