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Bows and Arrows used by Green Arrow

Oliver Queen was a spoiled playboy until he got stranded on an island for five years. There, he learned to fight and survive, but also how it felt to not have anything at all – including food or shelter.

When Oliver finally returned home to Star City, his experience as a hardened survivor made him much more empathetic towards the city’s less privileged residents than his father had been.

He decided that rather than inheriting his family’s wealth and position in society by being born into it, he would create them by fighting crime as a vigilante archer who could shoot arrows with great accuracy from incredible distances. In so doing, Oliver became The Green Arrow. 

Green Arrow is a DC comic character. He is the second-oldest superhero in the world, next to Batman. He was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp for use in their 1940s Golden Age Green Lantern comic book series.

The name “Green Arrow” was not the first choice for the character. The original name was to be “Red Arrow”, however it was decided the color red would represent the communist movement, so they changed it to green.

The color green in human culture is associated with many things. It represents fertility and rebirth, it can represent envy and illness, and it also has a deeper association with good luck and money.

The name “Green Arrow” fits perfectly for this character. Green Arrow’s main superpower is his incredible archery skills which also ties into the connotation of the color for good luck.

Green Arrow’s Archery Skills, Bows and Arrows Used

Green Arrow is a superhero who uses archery to fight crime. Green Arrow has the ability to string any arrow, make it pass through multiple objects like walls, and shoot while moving. As an archer, he is able to hit targets from long distances away.

He travels with his lifetime partner Arsenal who usually provides combat backup when needed. Archery is one of the earliest skills he learned in Russia. He has been seen to train with Oliver Queen Sr. in archery when he was a child, and in the present day, it is still an important part of his arsenal.

He also studied in Russia like Batman and became an expert assassin. Green Arrow’s accuracy was tested by Superman and Martian Manhunter, and their go-to-expert on archery. Green Arrow’s archery skills are one of the best in the world.

Many comic book superheroes have their own signature weapons or tools they use most often to fight crime. Green Arrow’s bows are one of the many iconic archery weapons in comics history. Most people know him from them and he wouldn’t be the same without his signature bows.

Green Arrow uses a variety of bows. His most frequently used archery weapon is usually his own custom-made bow, the ‘Oliver Queen’ model. Green Arrow has been known to use different bows over the years, but he usually prefers his own model because it’s sturdy enough to handle his arrows.

‘Oliver Queen’

The ‘Oliver Queen’ model is Green Arrow’s primary bow and has been used by him since the beginning. The stave (the middle part where the limbs attach) is made from a solid billet of carbon fiber, making it both durable and easily repaired.

It uses neoprene as a flexible strip running from the lower part of the grip to the top, and an aluminum-magnesium alloy for the limbs. The total length of the bow is 5’8″ and it can shoot up to 245 feet per second (speed of a typical arrow shot at 175 feet per second).

Green Arrow’s fishing line ‘bracer’ is used to provide stability and control when firing arrows. His current model, the ‘Tactical’, has an aiming module for increased precision.

1) Blackhawk Bow

PSE Blackhawk Recurve Bow

The Blackhawk Bow is a simple recurve bow that was used by Oliver Queen when he first started his vigilante career. It has been stated that it can shoot up to 280 feet per second.

The Blackhawk Bow of Green Arrow is a bow created by the character Blackhawk from the TV series “Justice League Unlimited” and has been used as a weapon by the DC Comics vigilante known as Green Arrow.

It was most notably seen in the episode “Injustice For All”. The bow’s design is unlike any other traditional bow, being similar to an arrow with its fletching.

The bow has a special feature called “recovery mode” which aids Green Arrow in aiming and can make the arrow even more accurate. This is shown when he was able to fire an arrow through Brainiac’s dome, hitting his vulnerable neck and killing him despite there being no visible openings.

In “Green Arrow” Vol. 3, #57 (January 2005), it is revealed that the Blackhawk Bow was a family heirloom of sorts, which had been passed down from generation to generation.

2) Army Surplus Recurve Bow

The Army Surplus Recurve Bow is a more modern bow that has been used by Green Arrow in some of his adventures. It is made of painted wood, cannot be broken down into separate pieces, and features bolts on the limbs to simplify arrow removal for quick-loading. Its design also allows it to shoot up to 280 feet per second.

3) Rival’s Bow

The Rival’s Bow is a modern bow with compound curves, allowing the string to be drawn back more easily for increased accuracy. It also has an adjustable cheekpiece and can shoot up to 300 feet per second.

4) Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow

The Oneida Kestrel compound bow is a green and black longbow used by the green arrow for most of his crime-fighting. The compound bow can be used to fire arrows at a blazing fast speed and was made with green nylon and graphite.

The compound bow has been modified in order to feature two horizontal cams which allow for the use of green arrows as well as traditional ones. It also includes a one-way, quartering-resistant string as well as an adjustable rear sight which will help with aiming.

The Oneida Kestrel compound bow has been used by the Green Arrow for most of his crime-fighting career and is extremely versatile, allowing him to fire different arrows at different speeds. He can also use it to shoot conventional arrows with ease.

5) Crossbows

Apart from standard bows and arrows, Green Arrow is proficient with a crossbow as well. He had first learned how to use a crossbow at a gun club during his time as a party boy in college.

He had used a crossbow in the episode “The Huntress Returns” when he had to evade an assassin in the dark. He is usually seen using a crossbow in hand-to-hand combat when his bow or arrows are unavailable.

Green Arrow also used an expanding wrist crossbow that shot small darts, which would knock out anyone who was struck by them. It has a laser sight attached to it allowing him to aim more accurately. The arrows fired from this bow can be used as a melee weapon, and its force is enough to break bones.

The materials used for the bows vary depending on the comic book author, but they are typically laminated wood or carbon fiber composites that can be broken down into smaller pieces to fit in a quiver mounted on the Green Arrow’s back.

Most of them (with the exception of the Queen’s Gambit and some recurve bows) can shoot arrows at speeds up to 280 feet per second.

Arrows Used By Green Arrow

Green Arrow has access to a vast range of specialized tricks, and unique arrows. This includes the ability to ricochet his shots off multiple surfaces, causing different effects or coming back to him.

He also uses explosive tipped arrows that detonate after impact. This allows Green Arrow to take out enemies from afar without actually hitting them with the arrow.

Green Arrow has been seen using a kryptonite arrow when he went up against Superman. This arrow is considered to be one of his greatest weapons because it can temporarily weaken the Kryptonian due to its radioactive nature. Green Arrow also uses arrows with mini-satellites in them that allow him and his team to track objects from miles away.

1) The Kryptonite Arrow

Green Arrow has been seen using this arrow for situations when his mission involves going up against Superman. The arrowhead is made from a kryptonite alloy. The metal is green in color, and its radioactive nature can temporarily weaken Superman allowing Green Arrow to engage him without being overpowered.

2) The Exploding Arrow

These arrows have an explosive material inside them that detonates upon impact. Its blast radius is enough to incapacitate anyone caught within it. Green Arrow has used this arrow for effective long-ranged engagements. It can cause enough damage to incapacitate thugs, but not kill them.

3) The Mini Satellite Arrows 

These arrows are equipped with small probes that act as mini-satellites. This allows Green Arrow and his team to track objects from miles away, giving him a tactical advantage. Green Arrow also carries a quiver that holds his arrows. His quiver is attached to his back, and it has a strap over his chest so that he can easily pull an arrow out when in combat. 

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