Inspiring Anime About Archery To Find Your Own Arching Style

Anime About Archery

If you are looking for anime about archery, then this article is perfect for you! Here are some of the best anime that feature archers in them. You might find something that suits your personal taste and inspires you to try it out yourself!

Archery is the act of using a bow and arrow. It has been around for many years, with people having used it throughout history in warfare and hunting game. This sport requires focus on accuracy, strength, endurance, patience ,and more!

Anime itself is a style of animation developed in Japan, starting back in the early 1900s. With anime being its own art form, character designs are often very unique and exaggerated . This allows for an array of different styles to be present throughout many anime shows!

Archery in anime can take on many forms, from being used for sport or hunting to being the main weapon of an assassin. Anime archers are often seen as cool and mysterious characters who have great skill with their bow. As anime continued to grow and evolve into a popular medium for entertainment, we started seeing even more examples of anime archers.

If you are an anime fan, then chances are good that you have seen at least one anime about archery. It’s not just a hobby anymore, it is now also considered an art form and those who practice this art form strive to be as accurate as possible with their shots. Anime characters that have archery styles are very important in the anime industry.

Anime archers are usually depicted as being skilled with their craft. They are able to hit targets from a good distance, making them perfect for hunting prey. Characters with this skill usually have other skills too, but it is not uncommon for them to be pretty skilled at fighting and showing off their skills in competitions.

Best Archery Anime List

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime about the last remaining humans that live in a city that they made into a fortress to protect themselves from Titans. There are some characters that use bows and arrows in this series.

The main character, Eren, is often seen using his 3D Maneuver Gear to get around quickly, but he’s also seen using a bow and arrow.

Anime About Archery

The archers in this anime use their bows to take out Titans from a good distance. Some characters even use the cables attached to their 3D Maneuver Gears to propel themselves forward at high speeds while shooting their bow.

The archers in Attack on Titan usually use wind and gas to add more power to their arrows when they shoot them. Some characters even string their own bows out of titan flesh when they run out of other things to use.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

In the anime Fairy Tail, there are many different types of mages that can use all kinds of spells. One of the mages is Natsu Dragneel, who is able to use fire magic.

While he’s usually using his fists or sword fighting along with his magic, he also uses a bow and arrow once in a while to help him out. This anime takes place in Fiore, which is where mages can go to have jobs.

A mage that goes into this kingdom is considered a legal citizen, which helps them when they’re in tough situations. Natsu often uses his bow to take out enemies from a good distance while he does different things, like fighting or flying on his magic carpet.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade

It is an anime about mages that use different kinds of magic to help protect the city.

The main character, Shirou Emiya, is able to use Archery in the series.

He’s seen using his bow and arrow throughout the anime when he needs it most.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

There are many other characters in this story that also use archery, but Shirou is the only main character that uses it. He often uses his bow and arrow in combination with his magic to defeat enemies or help him get around quickly.

Sakura Haruno

Naruto Shippuden

In Naruto Shippuden, there are many characters that use different kinds of combat skill. One of the most skilled characters is Kakashi Hatake. He’s able to use an archery technique called Chidori.

This technique uses lightning magic, which he puts into his arrow before releasing it.Other characters are able to use bows in this anime series as well, but the main character that uses one is Sakura Haruno. She isn’t at the same skill level as Kakashi, but she does use her bow to help her fight.

Sword Art Online

An anime about characters that are put into a game world.

It’s a virtual reality where people can do anything they want in the game.

The main character of this story, Kirito, has used his bow to kill many enemies.

Some of the other characters in this anime use bows as well, but Kirito is one of the only main characters that use them to help him fight his way throughout the game world.

Sword Art Online
Akame Ga Kill!,

Akame Ga Kill!,

In Akame Ga Kill!, there are different kinds of weapons being used.

One of these weapons is a bow and arrow. Akame, the main character in this anime, uses a traditional Japanese bow to fight off enemies most of the time.

She uses her arrows to help take out multiple targets with one shot.

There are other characters in this anime that use bows as well, but Akame is seen using hers a lot throughout the story.

Anime Characters With Bows and Arrow

Anime Archers Male

Saito from Bleach

He is a classic archer. He shoots the arrow straight forward with no real arching or tricks, which makes this his classic style. You might say that he does not have a specific type of arching because he only shoots one arrow. However, I’m counting this as his arching style because he uses it constantly throughout the series. The reason why I don’t count it as his arcing style is that he shoots constantly with only one arrow every second.

Archer from Fate/Stay Night

He shoots arrows in a very flashy style. His arcing is different because of the fact that he shoots them in a way that they are always hitting the target on the side of where the arrow was originally shot at.

This is very good for setting up traps on enemies to make his arching much more deadly than it already is.

Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero

He is a classic archer. He shoots the arrow straight forward with no real arching or tricks, which makes this his classic style. You might say that he does not have a specific type of arching because he only shoots one arrow. However, I’m counting this as his arching style because he uses it constantly throughout the series. The reason why I don’t count it as his arcing style is that he shoots constantly with only one arrow every second.

Yato from Noragami

He’s a God with a mysterious past, but he’s rather carefree most of the time. Yato wields a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice, which makes him one of the more classic anime archers you’ll see in anime. This is because his weapon type is pretty standard for most fantasy anime.

Yato’s arching style involves mostly quick shots, which are among the most common types of shots you’ll see with an archer. He also includes some more difficult shots, such as ricochets and trickier snipes. All of Yato’s shots are especially flashy, which is a trademark of his character.

Uryū Ishida From Bleach

In combat, he uses his spiritual powers as an archer. He has been shown to be able to fire arrows from long range as well as short-range with his bow. His quiver holds dozens of arrows that he keeps hidden on his person but has been shown to be able to fire them at a moment’s notice.

He is capable of firing several spiritual arrows at once towards an opponent and can also utilize the spiritual arrow’s natural ability of Soul Binding by making it explode upon impact. Using his spiritual powers, he has been shown to be able to launch an arrow from a great distance and have it split into several arrows in the air. He is also a master archer often being compared with Shinigami in terms of archery skills. In addition to his bow and arrows, he carries a short sword with him for close-quarters combat.

Anime Archers Female

Kagome Higurashi From InuYasha

When facing off against her opponent, Kagome has been seen creating an energy arrow to use in combat. Instead of utilizing a traditional bow grip, she grasps it mid-air so that the string is pointing towards the ground. Her left hand then rests just above her right arm’s elbow area while gripping it around its middle section for support. Her right hand then grasps the arrow at its mid-point and pulls it back towards her cheek.

Michelle Cheung From R.O.D Read or Die

She’s admired for her skills as an archer and is often called “Arrow Angel”. Cheung’s choice of weapon is popular among fans, as well. Instead of the standard gun type, she uses a bow and arrow. Wielding her weapon with one hand (and sometimes two), she fires off arrows at incredible speeds, often taking down several enemies at once. She is so skilled with her weapon of choice that she can easily compensate for poor aim by simply adjusting the position of her arm to adjust the shot’s trajectory mid-fire.

Anime Bows GIFs

Anime Bows GIFs are a type of animated image that is typically about 10-12 seconds long and consists of a looping video clip. They are mostly used as an expression for humor or to convey emotions such as excitement, anger, or happiness. The GIFs usually consist of an image with accompanying text on top which is usually humorous in nature but can also be serious at times depending on the context.

Factors To Consider To Further Understand What Archery Style You Have

1. Where do I want to hit the target? This is important because where one wants to place his arrow on the target can say a lot about which shooting style he holds most true to.

2. How do I shoot? There’s a common misconception that instinctive and target styles of shooting go hand-in-hand, but this is only generally the case if an archer chooses to use these styles independently of each other and not together. If an archer is going to choose either the target or instinctive style of shooting on its own, then this will define how he shoots. The target shooter has a consistent line of shooting that needs little variation from time to time, while the instinctive shooter does not have one.

The instinctive shooter will shoot his arrows without aiming or lining up his bow and arrow specifically. The instinctive archer relies on their body, mind, and natural ability to place the arrow where they want it to go within a general area of where they want to hit the target face.

3. What do I need my equipment to do? Every archer requires his own type of equipment and will need to rely on specific tools and abilities to make the best shot possible. By comparison, most instinctive and target style archers will not need an elevated sight at all. Instinct shooters don’t use one because they generally aim without the assistance of a device, while target shooters typically want to place their arrow as close to the same area of the target face as possible each time, which is why it’s important for them to have a sight to keep their arrows in the same general range of where they want to hit.

There are no real rules as to what an archer must use or how he has to use it; however, most shooters will develop a preference for equipment and tools that suit them best.

4. What am I comfortable shooting? A common question asked by archers is, “what style of shooting should I shoot?” The answer to this question varies depending on the archer and his personal preferences. For example, there are many instinctive shooters who prefer a target sight instead because it’s more comfortable for them. One can never tell what style an individual will be most comfortable with until they have been exposed to and tried it out for themselves. This is another reason why choosing one style of shooting does not necessarily mean that an archer will continue to shoot that way forever; he may find a different style more comfortable and begin shooting like this.

5. Which style do I want to shoot? The final consideration when deciding which kind of archery the individual wants to shoot is by far the most important. A person can have a general idea of what kind of archery they enjoy, but it will be up to them whether or not they continue shooting that way after their first experiences with it.

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