How to Tie In a Peep Sight in Less Than Five Minutes

If you are a bowhunter, then you know the importance of having a good peep sight. A good peep sight can make all the difference in the world when it comes to hitting your target. In this blog post, we will show you how to tie in a peep sight in less than five minutes!

How to Tie In a Peep Sight in Less Than Five Minutes

The peep sight on a bow is an astonishingly small aiming device mounted to your bowstring, usually appearing circular. Its purpose is to give you greater accuracy and alignment when shooting, much like the rear sights of a precision rifle.

The peep sight allows you to line up three components: itself, the bow sight, and your target – all at once! When everything’s placed correctly into one straight route from point A (you) to point B (your target), it will result in consistent and incredibly precise shots every time.

How To Use a Peep Sight

Incredibly straightforward, using a peep sight on a bow is nothing to stress over. If your bow’s sights are accurate and adjusted correctly, all you need to do when it comes time for aiming is look through the peep sight with your dominant eye!

After drawing back and completing all of the other essential steps in shooting, ensure that your peep sight rests before your primary eye – from there you should be able to recognize both the target and any further aim aids like arrow pins or marks set up on the riser.

To maintain accuracy and ensure alignment, you must adjust your arms, hands, and bow to place the bow sights in line with your target.

Using the peep sight as a guide will help you accomplish this task; if neither the target nor the bow sights are visible through it then they are not properly lined up. Once everything is aligned correctly through the peep sight, you can confidently move forward to complete subsequent steps of shooting! You can watch a youtube here.

How To Tie In a Peep Sight

If you want to take full advantage of the peep sight, you must install it correctly and adjust its position appropriately. An incorrectly placed peep sight could compromise your alignment or even make it useless. Fortunately, here are a few simple steps on how to properly attach the peep sight for optimal accuracy:

I. Locate The Correct Position For The Peep Sight

To attach a peep sight, first find the specific spot where to position it. Get assistance from someone you trust; draw your bow and stand in a shooting stance with all of your normal anchor points.

Let that person mark on the bowstring at which level is even with your dominant eye’s pupil– this will be the ideal area for installing the peep sight. Everyone has various placement needs depending on their gear, body type, and front sights preferences among other things.

II. Release Tension With a Bow Press

To ensure the correct installation of a peep sight, you must first use a bow press to lessen your bowstring’s tension. There are several cost-friendly presses on the market that can be either borrowed or rented from an archery shop if you do not already own one. With it, achieving slack in your bow string is easy and achievable!

III. Carefully Separate The 2 Intertwined Strands Of The Bowstring

At Your Marked Location

After achieving the proper slack in your bowstring, you can begin to delicately and cautiously separate its two intertwined strands. Usually made from different colors for ease of identification, most bowstrings are composed of two interlaced components. Additionally, several tools specifically designed for string separation may be employed to facilitate this step further.

IV. Place The Peep Sight Precisely In Between The Two Strands Of Your Bow Strings At The Designated Location

Peep sights are typically small plastic tubes with a groove or channel along the outside, allowing you to place separated bowstring strands. When holding the strings apart in one hand, carefully insert the peep sight between them and let it slide into these notches as tension is released.

Make sure that both its angle and position match up correctly with your bowstring’s trajectory when drawn back; this is paramount for proper performance!

V. Cut Serving And Begin To Secure The Peep In

After positioning the peep sight appropriately, cut a string of 18-24 inches in length. This thread can be obtained from most archery shops or online and is specially manufactured for this purpose.

Start by wrapping the serving around the bowstring beneath your peep sight and securing it with a simple knot where the bowstring begins to split.

Then wrap it back up on both sides of your bowstring before cinching each side separately 20 times – gradually working upwards towards your peep sight as you go.

VI. Securely Tighten The Serving String And Tie a Strong Knot To Ensure It Stays Plays

After performing 20 simple over and under knots, use the surplus string to cinch it together tightly. To complete this section of serving, tie a square knot with the remaining thread. After fixing any excess threads in place, take up a lighter and carefully melt them down against the bowstring until they are flat.

VII. Repeat The Steps You Took Of The Peep Sight

To complete the assembly process, repeat steps 5 and 6 above the peep sight. This will create two separate points where your serving holds both halves of your bowstring together with a secure fit around the peep sight in between.

Once you’re finished tying off each end, check that everything is tight by gently sliding your serving towards the peep sight until it’s snug on both sides.

VIII. Tie The Peep Sight To The Bowstring

Take a length of serving material that is approximately 12 inches in length and lay it on top of the peep sight groove. Wrap this section around both the bowstring and the peep sight before tying two knots, below and above your peep sight, just like you did during step five. Finish up by creating a square knot to ensure your new connections are secure.

Use a lighter to remove any excess fibers from the string for completing your work safely! Doing so will help keep this part attached if something unexpected such as an accidental dry fire or dropping occurs with your bow equipment.

How To Adjust a Peep Sight

Installing or adjusting a peep sight on your bowstring is an uncomplicated process that only requires the most basic of steps. Don’t be daunted – you can have your peep sight perfectly aligned in no time! Here’s how:

Adjusting a Peep Sight During Installation

When installing a peep sight, you have the perfect opportunity to adjust it for optimal alignment and position. With your bow in a press with tension removed from the bowstring, you can easily make adjustments or modifications to your peep sight so that it is properly fitted into place. Don’t miss this chance – take advantage of an effortless way to secure an accurate sighting!

Adjusting a Peep Sight After Installation

After you’ve efficiently installed your peep sight, the actual adjustment process is quite straightforward. Usually, if everything was set up properly, you won’t have any issues other than a slight misalignment of the peep every once in a while. If that’s the case for you, just let down your bowstring and adjust it until your peep sight is perfectly aligned!

If the issue continues, you may need to use a bow press to properly adjust the peep sight. Once loosening the tension on the bowstring, add or subtract a twist as needed. With a few adjustments, the peep sight should rotate when twisted or untwisted. You may need to experiment with this process until you find what works for you; it will help you change your peep sight’s direction even after it has already been tied in.

Small Adjustments To a Peep Sight

Although peep sights are easy to install, they may need slight tweaking as you continue shooting. This could be due to the bowstring stretching or a change in the poundage of your bow; however, these adjustments can easily and quickly be made. No matter what changes occur with your equipment, it’s simple to adjust accordingly so that you always hit the mark!

If you need to adjust the peep sight, use dental floss or extra serving string as a temporary fix. Have someone draw and hold back your bow while pushing it up or down until you’re content with its positioning.

Then, release the tension on your bowstring and fasten the peep sight securely in place before taking a new piece of serving thread to cinch it tight where it needs to be.

Final Thoughts

Making adjustments to your peep sights can be a game-changer in archery! With some practice, you will become confident and competent enough to make precision shots, allowing you to take your shooting skills up a notch. Don’t overlook this crucial component of accuracy – mastering peep sight techniques is sure to help improve your aim.

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