How to Score 3D Targets (ASA and IBO Scoring) Ultimate Guide

How to Score 3D Targets (ASA and IBO Scoring) Ultimate Guide

Are you an archer who’s looking to improve your 3D target shooting skills? If so, then look no further! This blog post will give you all the information and tips necessary to become a better archer by learning how to score 3D Archery Target.

You’ll be taken through different steps such as familiarizing yourself with the equipment and set-up, learning proper form and stance, understanding point scoring systems, as well as comprehensive tips on improving your aiming accuracy for maximum points! Get ready for some challenging yet rewarding practice sessions ahead – let’s get started on How To Score 3D Archery Target today.

Top 3D Archery Competitions in the USA

A 3D archery shoot is a competition held over multiple days, with each day consisting of shooting at various stationary targets placed in the field. These targets are usually foam animal replicas of different species such as deer, bears, elk, and more. The goal is to shoot each target from various angles and distances to score points based on where the arrow hits.

The 3D archery shot is situated in a wild, natural environment – like the jungle or similar area – to give the shooter an authentic hunting sensation. Therefore these shots are excellent for outdoor use instead of old-fashioned archery boards that work best indoors.

Despite this, the 3d archery scoring system is unique compared to what we had been used to up until now. The target’s surface area is much greater implying that its scoring technique must differ too.

How to Score 3D Targets

Familiarize yourself with the equipment and setup

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the equipment and setup. 3D archery targets are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. They typically consist of a foam or plastic body on a metal frame which provides stability when shooting at it. Additionally, there may be attached target faces that display the scoring rings. Be sure to read and understand all safety warnings that come with your target before handling or shooting it.

Learn Proper Form and Stance

Next, you’ll want to learn proper form and stance while shooting at 3D targets. First, ensure that your arrow is parallel to the ground and pointed straight in front of you toward the target. Your elbow should be close to your side and your arm should be extended fully. Make sure that you maintain a comfortable stance with your feet shoulder-width apart, and toes pointing towards the target. To further improve your accuracy, practice aiming at various angles and distances.

Understanding the point-scoring systems

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of equipment and form let’s move on to understanding the point-scoring systems. When it comes to scoring a 3D target, there are two main systems: The International Bowhunters Organization (IBO) and the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) are two of the most popular 3d archery scoring methods. Despite their similarities, they differ in how points are tallied when shooting at a target; let’s take an in-depth look into these grading systems.

ASA 3D Archery Scoring

At ASA events, each arrow you hit can grant you one of 6 different point tallies. Reaching the highest score for an individual arrow in a tournament awards 14 points and is located at the upper corner of its animal’s vital area. Additionally, keep in mind that only Pro shootdowns utilize these 14-point rings when the top 5 finishers battle it out against one another.

scoring 12 diagram

ASA Scoring 12 Ring Diagram –

On a standard ASA target, the highest score is 12. Two twelve rings exist – one above and one below the 11 ring (which only comes into play for IBO scoring). As long as no shooter states otherwise, it’s assumed that arrows landing on the lower 12 will be marked 10 points. The ten ring covers both elevens and twelves at a position corresponding to where an animal’s heart would lie.

Ibo scoring

ASA 3D Archery Scoring Rings –

Scoring rings on a regulation 3D target are strategically positioned to simulate the vital areas of an animal, thereby providing realistic practice for hunting scenarios. Furthermore, these targets are placed in tricky positions that give you valuable skills when it comes time to make those difficult shots while out in the field.

The body area of the animal that encompasses the 10 rings is worth 8 points, and if an arrow hits outside any of these circles but is still within its body, it serves as a 5-point score. Of course, missing altogether results in 0 points given.

IBO 3D Archery Scoring

Ibo scoring

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When you examine the 3D model of your target, you’ll spot an unusual oval that is known as the target region. Score major points when your arrow lands within this circle or simply touches its border! Even if none of your arrows land in the marked area, don’t worry—you can still attain five points under IBO protocol elsewhere on the board.

On the contrary, the objective zone is divided into various scoring sections. Other than a single oval-shaped area, two more traditional 2D archery targets are also present. If you manage to hit just beyond the rating circles, you will earn 8 points in total. But if your arrow perfectly lands within these circles – brace yourself for an impressive 10-point reward! Finally, hitting bullseye grants 11 points; the highest of all possible scores imaginable!

Tips For Improving Your Score

Once you understand how the scoring system works, here are some tips to help improve your accuracy and score better:

1. Practice shooting at shorter distances first so that you can adjust to the target before increasing your distance.

2. Always aim for the innermost ring of each target to maximize your score.

3. Take note of wind direction and adjust your shot accordingly – a slight breeze can make a big difference!

4. For longer shots, use heavier arrows with more kinetic energy to penetrate deeper into the target.

5. Slow down and concentrate on your form – good form is the key to accuracy!

How Many Targets Are There In 3d Archery?

Both IBO and ASA have the same number of 3D archery targets to score, though their methods may vary. To further identify a skilled shooter, 20-40 various animal models are set up in different placements at multiple angles. These distances and directions help evaluate an individual’s shooting capabilities.

What Is The Highest Score In 3d Archery?

If you’re shooting 3D archery, you have the potential to achieve a top score of 11 points using an IBO approach or 14 points utilizing the ASA methodology. Nevertheless, no matter which method is employed, the maximum possible score remains at 14.


Scoring 3D archery targets can be a bit intimidating at first, but with some practice and patience, you will quickly become an expert shooter. Remember to focus on your form, adjust for wind direction and aim for the innermost ring of each target for maximum points. With enough practice, you’ll be able to consistently hit the bullseye and score higher on future targets!

Depending on where you are competing, there are two different types of international scoring systems available to choose from: ASA and IBO. It’s up to the individual archer to decide which one is the most suitable for them. Of these two options, it can be said with confidence that the ASA system offers a more stimulating and rewarding experience due in no small part to its difficulty level; after all, 14 points -the highest attainable score- can only be achieved through this system! Good luck and happy shooting!

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