How do you play Archery Tag? Ultimate Guide

Archery Tag

What is archery tag?

Archery Tag is the newest, most exciting outdoor activity to hit the scene. It’s a cross between dodgeball and archery, where players are armed with bows and arrows instead of rubber-tipped weapons. The game is played in an arena that has been specially designed for this sport – so you can’t just play Archery Tag in your backyard!

The best part about Archery Tag is that it’s open to all ages – from kids who are six years old up through adults. So whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your family or want to have a great time with friends, there’s no better option than Archery Tag!

How does Archery Tag work?

Archery Tag is a fast paced game, much like dodgeball or paintball, but instead of using guns to tag your opponent you use our patented Archery Tag bow and suction cup tipped arrows. Players shoot each other until one player reaches 21 points (which takes about 5 minutes)at which point the game ends.

War-like combat games are naturally competitive in nature, but because Archery Tag is an active game that involves running around and aiming, it provides a much greater workout. We often refer to our bows as “bows” or “bows and arrows”.

Where to play archery tag near me?

Head over to the Archery Tag “Directory” page to learn more, and find the nearest Archery Tag location near you. It allows you to experience archery in a new and exciting way. It’s also great for boosting your cardio and getting some exercise while having fun.

How many players does Archery Tag require?

Players can play in teams of two or individually. Two player teams are the most common and we recommend them for new players. There can be one or two points (usually opposite corners) where a point is earned by hitting your opponent in his/her target area; only one player on each team can score at that position. Team play requires four bows per team

What ages are allowed to play Archery Tag?

Any age group can play Archery Tag, however we recommend 5 years old and up. Very young players may have a difficult time with the speed at which games are played in addition to learning how to aim. Players of all ages must follow our safety rules.

Archery Tag Equipment Guide

It is important to wear the right kind of archery tag equipment for this game. Here’s a list of what you need:

Protective arm guards, knee pads and head protector

These serve as padding and protection from the arrows and foam tipped arrows, so you don’t get hurt.


This is your weapon of choice! Bows can come in two different sizes: recurve bow or compound bow. The difference between the two is that a recurve bow simply uses long pieces of wood to bend the bow’s shape while a compound bow uses small pieces of cams to provide more power for releasing arrows.


Choose between carbon arrows or aluminum arrows. Carbon arrows are very light, which means they fly farther but are usually slower than aluminum arrows. Aluminum is heavier, so it has less of a chance of flying off course and give your opponent a chance to dodge the arrow.

There is no “best” equipment, because it all really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. There are also bows where you can attach a GoPro camera to so you can get awesome footage of yourself playing archery tag! You might get some funny shots of people dodging arrows and looking super serious.

What are the rules of Archery Tag?

The game of archery tag consists of two teams trying to hit each other with non-lethal arrows. Usually, there are at least five players on each team. The goal is to be the last team with any players left! There are three types of arrows in archery tags: safe zone arrows, red zone arrows and blue zone arrows. Safe zone arrows cause no damage when they hit you or your equipment (archer’s bow or headband). Red zone arrows cause “bleeding” when they hit you or your equipment.

The bleeding effect continues for a few seconds after the impact. Bleeding should not be confused with being stunned from being hit too many times in a row. Blue zone arrows have no special effects. In the official USA Archery-sanctioned version of Archery Tag® the arrows are propelled by compressed air (similar to paintball or pellet guns). NO ARROWS SHOULD BE FIRED BY ANYONE WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING AND OR EXPERIENCE.

Archery tag can be played in teams or free-for-all, depending on what you feel like playing. Games are typically 15 minutes long, but can be shortened or lengthened if desired. Archery tag is played on a large open playing field, usually the size of a basketball or netball court. There are no boundaries or safe areas similar to dodgeball, so players must stay alert at all times.

In both League Style and Elimination Style, each team has a 5-point target on its side of the field, but the target has different functions depending on which style of the game is played. Now let’s take a look at the differences between the two types of play:

League Style

The League Style of Archery Tag is also known as Points Style, and as this alternative name suggests, in this form of the game, players play for points. Points are allotted as follows: for hitting another player with an arrow anywhere on his body, clothing or equipment (including the bow, arrows, mask, etc), a player earns 1 point; for shooting a spot completely out of the opposing teams 5-spot target, a player earns 2 points; and for catching an arrow in mid-flight, a player earns 3 points.

The team with the most total points at the expiration of the time limit wins the game. In the case of a tie, the game will enter sudden death overtime. Under sudden death rules, each player will begin with at least one arrow. At a signal from the referee, both teams will begin firing upon one another, and the first team to score a legal hit upon a player of the other team will be declared the winner.

As mentioned above in the General Rules section, under League Style rules, remaining in the safe zone for more than five seconds at a time will result in a point deduction for the offending player. 1 point will be deducted for each instance of this after the player’s first offense.

Elimination Style

In Elimination Style, players play with the same rule sets as in League Style until only  one player from each team remains. When this occurs, the game  will enter  overtime and will continue  until a point is scored by one of the survivors or time expires . In the elimination style you only  get  one arrow at the beginning of each round. Arrows can be picked up during play, but one must touch the ground to give them up.

No points are awarded for hitting another player with an arrow or any other object in this game mode; players earn victory by eliminating all opposing team members. The first team to  eliminate all players on the other team wins. The game will end under elimination style rules when only one player remains from each team, or if time expires before a winner can be determined; in either case, both teams lose (or win) together.

A target is considered to be “out” anytime it has at least one arrow completely protruding from the center bullseye. If a target is reduced to just its outer ring, that side of the field becomes “out” for purposes of scoring. If under elimination style rules only one player remains on each team, then both players will have two arrows in play upon entering overtime.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Archery Tag?

Archery tag is a therapeutic sport due to its calm and focused nature. But some archery variations are more active though offer the same benefits.

Below are the possible benefits derived from playing archery tag sport:


Archery involves constant and quick motions. Besides that, the excitement of drawing arrows and shooting at others helps to relieve stress. Sports are indeed an excellent channel for relieving body or mental stress.

Improves Agility of an Individual

Archery sports are more of reflexes and quick motions. These quick movements make an individual improve agility and strength.

Teaches an Individual to Stay Calm

An individual’s body needs to remain calm while shooting an arrow. You can miss the shot while holding the arrow with stiff fingers. The sport helps an individual to cool the mind and control the body under pressure.

Boost Confidence

Archery helps to boost self-esteem and confidence. It is attained by shooting the target and improving your archery tag skills. The wins and encouragement from the coaches help to boost an individual’s confidence.

How do you play Archery Tag?

Related Question

Why is Archery Tag is popular? Archery is a sport that has been around for a long time. It has also been a very popular sport in the past. However, it is still popular today. This is mainly because of the fact that it is a simple game that anyone can play and there are no restrictions on the number of players or the equipment that you need to use.

The biggest thing about this sport is that it is a game that anyone can play and no one really has to get involved in order for the sport to be enjoyable.

Are archery tags is safe? Archery tagging are very safe as long as the tag is correctly placed on the target, this is because archery tags are designed to be fairly easy to attach and detach, they need no special skills.

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