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What is Archery Targets

Archery targets are a type of target used in archery to practice their aim. They can be made from several different materials, but the most common is foam. In general, there are three types of archery target: straw man styled, 3D, and circular Foam or Sisal-based material with a reactive component that reacts when struck.

This type of target is also called a “Field Point Archery” target, since the only arrows that can be used are practice field point arrows with soft rubber or plastic points and thin aluminum shafts.

Straw man styled targets

Are used for shooting at short range, and they may be filled with straw or foam rubber. The targets are generally about 10 centimeters in size.

3D targets

Are used for outdoor practice, and are often made of foam rubber. They are shaped like humans or animals, to simulate hunting situations.

Circular targets

Are used for short range archery, the type that is usually seen in children’s play areas at public parks. The targets can be hit from any direction, but they will break only when hit from the front. This type of target is generally made of compressed paper or foam rubber, and it is often decorated with pictures of various objects like fruits. The center of the target is usually red in color, to draw attention to it.

A common type of circular paper target has concentric rings that are numbered 1 through 10. This type of target is used for archery competitions, but it may also be used for general practice. A common circular foam rubber target has a red “bullseye” and the four outer edges are yellow (for the 50 cm ring), orange (for the 40 cm ring) and blue (for the 30 cm ring).

These types of targets are generally used for bows with draw weights under 20 pounds.

For heavy bows (over 30 pounds), targets with larger rings may be used, and the outermost ring may be colored black.

Another type of circular foam target has a star shape drawn on its surface. This type is often used in archery clubs to simulate the situation where an archer is shooting at a human-shaped target, but other people are standing around the target.

Archery targets come in various shapes and designs. Most of them can be classified as either 3D foam targets, animal shaped straw man styled targets, or circular paper/foam rubber rings that are numbered 1 through 10 for scoring. Some archery clubs may choose to use custom designed targets for their exclusive use.

Archery targets are generally made from foam or paper, and they come in various shapes and designs. Straw man styled targets resemble human-shaped objects that have straw filling, while 3D targets look like animals and other objects with a three dimensional appearance. Paper/foam rubber circular targets have a straw or foam rubber core that is covered with paper, and they come in various sizes. Archery clubs may use custom designed targets for their exclusive use as well as 3D foam target sets made from high density foam blocks to simulate human-shaped objects.

People Asked About Archery Targets

What is a good archery target?

A good archery target is any type of large, flat surface that can be used to practice archery. It could either be a large tree trunk or a sheet of plywood.

One of the best types of archery targets is an animal, such as a cow or deer. It’s easy to find a suitable animal and the target’s natural shape will provide enough accuracy for archers.

How far should target be for archery?

Archers are the most accurate and precise way to take down your prey. However, if you have a long distance to cover, accuracy diminishes. To solve this problem, archery ranges have been created in order to provide a level playing field for all archers.

What size archery target should I get?

It depends on the bow you are using. If you are using a bow with draw weight over 20 lbs., then aim for larger rings (larger than 50 cm) on your foam targets. For bows with lower draw weights, aiming at smaller rings (30 cm) is acceptable.

What kind of foam should I use?

It depends on the target you are planning to make. For more durable targets that would usually be used outdoors, it’s best to use high density foam for both the core and outer layers. If you plan on making a straw man styled target (for short range practice), it’s best to use straw as the filling.

Why should I be concerned about foam or paper quality?

Low quality paper or foam may prevent your arrows from achieving full penetration, and high quality paper/foam will be able to withstand multiple shots even with powerful bows.

What is a good height for an outdoor target?

The standard height is about 10 feet, but you can adjust it according to your preference.

What kind of target should I use for 3D practice?

The standard is a foam man styled target for this type of practice. If you plan on making one yourself, it’s best if you use high density foam and real fabric clothes to make the target look more realistic.

What is a good height for an indoor target?

The standard is about seven feet high, but you can adjust it according to your preference.

Why should I be concerned about cover material quality?

A low quality cover may not be able to withstand multiple shots, and the arrow might penetrate completely through the target and hit whatever is behind it. A good quality cover material would be able to resist penetration from arrows shot from average bows, and if the arrow is completely buried in the target then the chances of hitting something that you don’t want to hit behind your target will be reduced.

What should I do if my foam/paper gets wet?

Let it dry. If the foam is only wet on the surface, you can leave it outside to dry. You should avoid using a bow with an arrow nocked if your target is still wet as this increases the chances of arrow deviation due to dampness.

Can I repair my foam/paper target?

Yes, you can repair your foam/paper targets with tape or glue. If you use tape, cover the entire section of the target that needs repair to prevent future penetration by arrows, and make sure it’s done in an inconspicuous area for aesthetic reasons.

What kind of targets should I shoot at?

You can shoot at 3D animal style foam targets or circular paper/foam rubber targets. For more durable targets, it’s best to use high density foam for both the core and outer layers (if you’re using straw man styled targets, it’s best to use straw as the filling). The standard is a foam man styled target for this type of practice.

Why should I be concerned about archery target safety?

Every archery range has a safety zone that you must never enter. If your arrows miss the target completely and land outside the safety zone, it is advised to retrieve them with a rope or have someone else do it for you if they are too far away from the target area. Under no circumstances should you attempt to retrieve an arrow with your bare hands as there is always the risk of it being partially embedded in the ground with only the arrow shaft visible.

How do I clean my foam target?

You can hose down your foam target with plain water, but never use salt water as this will cause severe damage to the foam. Salt water can also damage wooden targets, so if you used one for your foam target, don’t hose it with salt water. Hosing the target with plain water is sufficient for cleaning most outdoor targets, but if you use straw in your target then you should remove the excess straw before hosing down the area.

How do I clean my paper/foam rubber target?

You can wash the cover material of your paper/foam rubber target with soap and water, but don’t use an industrial strength cleaner as they can damage the cover material. A mild dishwashing liquid is sufficient for cleaning most outdoor targets, but if you used foam in your paper/foam rubber target then you should avoid using industrial strength cleaners on it.

How much do bow and arrow targets cost?

A pin style paper target will usually cost around USD 1.5, 3D animal targets can cost anywhere from USD 15 to USD 70 depending on the size of the target and the quality, foam rubber core targets are anywhere between USD 30 to 100 depending on size and location, while foam man styled targets are fairly cheap but you might have to buy a different size depending on whether you’re using a recurve or compound bow. Remember to take into account the cost of shipping when buying archery targets online.

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