Genesis Archery Review and How It Is The Perfect Bow for Everyone

Genesis Archery

Genesis Archery is a company that specializes in archery equipment. They have been in the industry for over 10 years. They offer a wide range of archery products for both amateurs and professionals. Genesis Archery offers an extensive selection of archery products for both amateurs and professionals. Their product lines include bows, arrows, accessories, targets, and more.

Brennan Industries, Inc. manufactures it in America and sold it under the brand Mathews for a time before becoming its own brand. Mathews Archery is a well-established company that deals in archery equipment.

This has been their business for decades. Genesis was founded in 1992 when they invented the single cam technology. This particular model was selected as the official bow of the National Archery in The Schools Program (NASP). It is therefore the only compound that can be used by the hundreds of thousands of children participating in this program and its tournaments.

Genesis Archery has the potential to greatly benefit you and your family. This bow is designed to remove any barriers that you might encounter. Such barriers include cost, complexity, and intimidation. With their simple, durable, and proven compound bows, you will be well prepared to enjoy archery for a lifetime.

There are a couple of things to look for when choosing a Genesis bow. One is the draw weight. This is how much force you need to pull back the bowstring in order to release an arrow.

The most common range is from 30 pounds to 60 pounds, but some bows have higher or lower weights. Another important thing to consider is the draw length. This determines how far back you need to pull the string before you can release an arrow.

The last thing to look for when buying a Genesis bow is its speed rating, which determines how fast your arrows will fly at their target from your bow’s maximum draw weight and draw length settings. Speed ratings are usually given in feet per second (fps).

To be sure that you get the right Genesis bow for your needs, of course you need to have an overview of what it is.

Choosing The Right Size of Genesis Bow For You

Choosing the right size of Genesis bow for you can be tricky. Before making a purchase requires consideration of a great number of factors.

The first thing you should consider is the draw weight of your bow. This is how much force it takes to pull the string back and release it. If you are looking for a bow that is suitable for hunting, you would want a high draw weight.

If you want your bow to be used as a recreational tool, then the draw weight doesn’t matter as much. You will also want to consider what kind of archery competitions or games you would like to participate in when choosing what size Genesis bow will be best for you. Below are the top 3 best sellers of this brand.

Best of Their Bows

Mathews Genesis Mini


Matthews Genesis Mini is specifically designed to fit smaller-framed kids between the ages of 3 and 8 (on average). Mathews Genesis Mini is regarded by experts as one of the most effective youth bows for introducing young children to the wonderful sport of archery and mastering basic shooting techniques.

Not only is this bow simple to shoot by very small children, but it can also be used for many years as the child grows without the need to upgrade. It is important to note that most youth compound bows are neither lightweight nor have low draw weights comparable to the Mini Genesis.

This Genesis’ first bow has zero let-off, a feature that was useful to young archers since they do not need to adjust the draw length before shooting. By introducing kids to archery from the moment they pick up a bow, Genesis aims to make the sport more enjoyable and boost their confidence.

The drawing lengths of this bow which are 14 to 25 inches allow it to be drawn to a wide range of lengths, depending on the particular needs of the young shooter. This bow weighs only 2 pounds, so kids can easily draw and aim it without getting fatigued. It is 29-1/2-inch axle-to-axle and spacing of • 6-1/4″ brace height.

It is also made of Cable guard from carbon.

This bow is therefore commonly used by very small children, especially if they are under four years of age. These bows are also available on Amazon for Left-Handed and Right-Handed bows.

Genesis Original Compound Bow


The Genesis Original compound bow has been one of the best sellers in its category. With so many competitors, it’s hard to stand out. Featuring a ton of features, the Mathews Genesis Original is one of the top compound bows on the market.

Every aspect of it appeals to children and serves to motivate them to take part in this awesome activity. One of the things that makes this one special is that it is strung, assembled, and thus ready to shoot out of the box.

Genesis Original compound bows are available for both left– and right-handed archers. Left-handed bows are designed for people who hold their bow with their right hand and draw the string with their left hands. Right-handed bows are for those who draw the string with the right hand.

While most archers should not have much difficulty finding the right bow based on their hand orientation, it may prove more difficult for a child whose left eye is dominant and who is right-handed or vice versa.

That’s why some experts recommend choosing a bow that corresponds to the dominant eye. Thus, if your dominant eye is on the left and you are right-handed, you should purchase a left-handed bow.

To be certain, however, you can try both and determine which works best for you.This bow is designed specifically for younger archers. However, that is not to say that adults cannot use it. Genesis Original can be a great tool for adult beginners, too.

There is only one cam on this bow. One cam systems tend to be simpler in comparison to hybrid, binary and twin cam systems. One cam can function independently, so synchronization is not needed.

Nock travel is reported to be an issue with single cam bows, however the Genesis Original performs flawlessly. An additional advantage of the single cam system is that maintenance is easy and they tend to be quieter than others.

It’s a great option to consider if you are looking for the best compound bow for a young archer in your life (or if you require one for yourself). The colors are bright and fun, and the weight is ideal. There are no restrictions on its draw length. The price is fair, and there is a package deal available. Certainly the best entry bow!

Genesis Gen-X Bow

genesis X

In the event that you decide archery is for you, then this Genesis Gen-X Bow is a wise investment, as it is sturdy and it will withstand a lot of use over time. When made from lightweight materials, such as aluminum, one might expect it to be anything but robust, but the manufacturer’s innovative methods make it so.

Aluminum risers, aluminum cams, and an idler wheel contribute to keeping the weight of the bow to a minimum, while composite limbs keep it well balanced. Bowstrings are designed for high strength, enabling arrows to fly at a distance with great accuracy. The lightweight compound bow weighs only 3.4 pounds, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

A simple glance at this bow will reveal its versatility, and it will fit a wide variety of shooters. This bow has a standard draw weight of 40 pounds, so you can launch your arrows at high velocity toward your target of choice. Nevertheless, the draw weight can be adjusted to a maximum of 25 pounds, which means that shooters of any level can use it without any problem.

If you wish to adjust the draw weight, you will need a 3/16” hex wrench, but the tool required is readily available from the manufacturer, which is another great feature. The draw length can be adjusted between 21″ and 30″, demonstrating how this bow can cater to a wide range of shooters. You can also choose from a wide array of colors and camo options to match your style and personality.

The single cam design of the Gen-X Bow – RH/LH helps the shooter achieve a wide range of velocity, as its draw weight reaches as high as 40 pounds. The smooth draw circle enables shooters to improve accuracy and velocity without glitches, making the process a breeze. With a 35 1 2″ axle-to-axle measurement, this bow provides excellent stability, which is crucial for beginners who have difficulty adjusting their aim.

As a result of the molded grip, this bow is extremely comfortable to use, and the pre-drilled and tapped machined aluminum riser makes it easy for you to mount accessories.

People who have tried this compound bow say it is a great option for hunting, mainly small game. As a result of its lightweight design, you can use it from a tree stand with ease.

Additionally, if you enjoy target practice, this bow is an excellent tool for honing your skills.

Final Remarks

We hope you have enjoyed reading this review on Genesis Archery Equipment. It is our goal to provide all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your purchase.

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