Daryl Dixon Crossbow In The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon crossbow

Daryl Dixon’s crossbow is one of the most iconic weapons in the Walking Dead universe. It has been seen being used by Daryl throughout different seasons, and it always does a lot of damage!

In this article, we are going to take a look at daryl dixon’s crossbow, what episode he got it from, who made it for him and more!

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard—together forming the core of The Walking Dead television universe.

The series features a large ensemble cast as survivors of a zombie apocalypse trying to stay alive under near-constant threat of attacks from zombies known as “walkers” (among other nicknames).

However, with the collapse of modern civilization, these survivors must confront other human survivors who have formed groups and communities with their own sets of laws and morals, sometimes leading to open, hostile conflict between them.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC’s The Walking Dead. He is the younger brother of Merle and the last surviving member of his family.

Daryl is an expert at hunting, tracking, navigation, and observation. He is also a skilled combatant, knife-wielder and crossbowman. Rick Grimes values him as his right-hand man, close friend, and later on as a brother figure.

Daryl Dixon Crossbow use on The Walking Dead

Daryl has used 3 different crossbows over the course of the show.

  • Horton Scout HD 125
  • The Stryker StrykeZone 380
  • The PSE Fang 350

Horton Scout HD125

Horton Scout

This crossbow was introduced during the first three seasons. It’s had its adventures – been stolen, returned, lent out, and mislaid, but this is the crossbow that many of the fans see as the Walking Dead crossbow.

It’s light at 5.5lbs and compact at 29″ long and 28.5″ wide, and it has a 125lb draw weight and an arrow speed of 250 fps.

Typically referred to as a starter or a small bow for kids and teenagers. If you are accurate, it will take down a deer, but it’s not suitable for hunting in states that require a minimum of 150lbs draw weight.

Stryker StrykeZone 380

This crossbow was introduced in season three. For the final season of the series, Daryl is still using a Stryker Strykezone 380

He uses it in “Archeron: Part 1” and “Archeron: Part 2” as well as “Hunted” but loses it along the way in “Rendition.”

When the Reapers captured him, it seemed that he only had his knife on him as that is what he used to cut Frost’s (Glenn Stanton) finger off in “On the Inside.”

Daryl acquires this weapon in the episode “Arrow in the Doorpost,” and for a Walker slaying hunter like Daryl, it’s a much better crossbow.

It’s fast, and it’s accurate, and it’s still relatively lightweight at 7lbs. During the fourth season, Daryl is using a slightly upgraded version of his Horton Scout HD 125 crossbow.

The one pictured above. He has it when Rick and Carl find him in the barn shooting at walkers; he later gives up this crossbow to Beth during that same episode (after she proves she can be useful by killing a walker with an arrow).

Daryl is seen using this crossbow again in the mid-season finale, and he’s still running it during season five. The StrykeZone 380 has a draw weight of 150 lbs and shoots up to 350 fps (feet per second) – faster than his Horton Scout HD 125.

It is a bit heavier at around six and a half pounds, but it’s still manageable for Daryl to carry on his back while he carries other equipment in his front-pack.

PSE Fang 350

Near the end of season five (season finale), Daryl gets himself another crossbow – The PSE Fang 350.

Daryl’s new crossbow is a bit heavier (at around eight and a half pounds) and has more kick than his other two, but it still can shoot bolts at up to 350 fps – fast enough for what we see him use the bow for on the show.

Daryl would have preferred a dog but had to wait until season 9 to acquire a canine companion.

He got a new crossbow instead. Daryl uses this crossbow for a time before being reunited with the Stryker, but for functional performance, Daryl should have stuck with the Fang.

The speed and accuracy of the bolt depends on the combination of features – draw weight (205lbs), cam dynamics, kinetic energy, and the power stroke (14″).

The PSE Fang 350 has all the specifications necessary for a powerful hunting bow with an impressive 405 FPS arrow speed.

This crossbow is light (just 7.3lbs) and easy to handle with a slim profile (18″ axel to axel), making it maneuverable in tree stands and while taking cover.

This crossbow is very long, so it’s not recommended for hunting in tight spaces like the forest or indoors.

The draw weight of this bow makes it hard to cock and load with one hand – if you need both hands then consider a lighter model that still gives you enough power.

The PSE Fang 350 is recommended as a hunting crossbow for beginners and experts alike, with the only downside being size.

The PSE Fang 350 is made to handle any terrain you plan on using it in – from dense forests to wide open fields.

Why did the Studio Choose These 3 Crossbows?

These crossbows have plenty of pluses when it comes to using them as props for filming The Walking Dead. Those same qualities make for a decent crossbow for hunting or range shooting alike.


The power of a crossbow is measured in foot-pounds, and it’s basically how much energy you can put into your arrow when you pull back on that bow string to shoot.

Although Daryl uses a 12″ power stroke with his PSE Fang 350 (405 FPS arrow speed), the power stroke is still under 14″.

With a shorter power stroke, you can’t get quite as much energy into your arrow before it leaves the string (which makes for weaker shots).

The Stryker has an 18″ powerstroke and shoots at up to 420 FPS – making this crossbow perfect for hunting anything.

The Horton Scout HD 125 is slower speed with a shorter power stroke, but this crossbow’s draw weight of 60 lbs makes it perfect for target practice.


All three crossbows have comparable range to each other, making them equally useful in most hunting scenarios. The StrykeZone 380 has an impressive 350 FPS arrow speed and an 18″ power stroke.

It’s not easy to find a faster crossbow than the Stryker at this price point, making it perfect for hunting in dense forested areas where other hunters might be trying out their new bows as well.

The max range of all three crossbows is around 200 yards – plenty far enough to get the job done.


All three crossbows weigh between six and just over seven pounds. If you’re going to be carting your prop around the woods on a day’s filming, it helps if you’re not struggling to carry it.

The function of the crossbow in the Walking Dead is to build Daryl’s character, not to perform as a weapon any more than the guns or blades of the other actors on the show. It’s all about creating an image.


All three crossbows are small and maneuverable, which is a bonus when hunting in thick undergrowth and a big plus in filming.

All three crossbows have a neat compact frame – you can tell that they’re crossbows on film, but they don’t dominate the scene.


A prop doesn’t need to be an expensive top of the line model – the focus is on the human interaction rather than the crossbow’s performance.

The producers create the arrow shots with digital magic in post production.

No real bolts are ever shot on the set. Norman Reedus only needs to look the part of a motorcycle riding, crossbow hunter in a dystopian world.

The Horton Scout and the PSE Fang 350 are available at budget friendly prices. The Stryker is the highest cost model, and perhaps the studio got a substantial discount for the publicity.


When you’ve got a bunch of actors running around the woods, it’s probably best that they aren’t actually firing bolts – the shots in the scenes are all digital.

But, in the unpleasant and unlikely scenario where someone accidentally manages to cock and fire the crossbow, you’d prefer a lighter shorter range model to a heavy duty hunting weapon.

Anyone paying attention to the crossbows in the Walking Dead will note the limpness of the limbs, indicating that the crossbows are not cocked and ready to fire.

The StrykeZone 389 and the PSE Fang 350 crossbows are functional and in use by hunters and target shooters.

The Horton Scout HD 125 is the most recognized by fans, and they’ve bought plenty of them as decorative items for their man caves.

What does Daryl use his crossbow for in the show?

Daryl uses this to shoot zombies and also as a weapon when he is in close proximity with them.

This has been seen several times on The Walking Dead, which you can watch online if you have not gotten around to catching up from last season or watching it live!

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