Most Comprehensive Archery Finger Tab Guide You’ll Ever Read

Do you shoot with a finger tab? If not, you should be! A finger tab is an essential piece of archery equipment, and it can make a big difference in your shooting accuracy. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of finger tabs available and help you choose the best one for your needs. We’ll also give you some tips on how to use your finger tab correctly and get the most out of it.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, read on for the most comprehensive guide to archery finger tabs you’ll ever find!

What Is a Finger Tab?

finger tab archery

A finger tab is a basic piece of fabric or leather between the draw-hand fingers and bowstring. Its primary purpose? Protection! While drawing back on the bowstring, helps to reduce any discomfort by preventing string indentation into your skin. If you’re an archer who plans to do lots of shooting in one session, then a finger tab will be especially helpful for you!

Finger Tab Anatomy

Finger tabs come in an array of shapes, sizes, and components. From single pieces of fabric or leather to more complex versions with additional elements – not all finger tabs have these parts but some popular additions you may find include:


The first component, the backing, provides a small cushion between your fingers and the bowstring while playing. This layer of protection ensures comfort when playing with stringed instruments such as guitars or banjos.


A spacer is used between the index and middle fingers to help prevent any nock pinching if the archer is using a split-finger grip.


A shelf, more commonly referred to as a “ledge,” can be found on the top edge of a finger tab and allows for improved contact when an archer anchors under their chin.

Attachment Material

Finger tabs designed with elastic or other material can fasten securely to your draw hand’s fingers and also prevent any unwanted slipping.

The Different Types Of Archery Finger Tabs

There are a variety of archery finger tabs with varying materials and designs, though they all provide the same basic purpose. A common type is the standard one that covers your three draw fingers; it generally includes some kind of attachment to keep your middle finger in place.

For those who practice the Mongolian draw style, there are basic thumb tabs that offer adequate protection. Alternatively, if you use a longbow or other traditional archery style, a three-finger under tab is suggested for optimal finger protection and retention. This type of tab has a retainer loop at the back to prevent it from slipping off your hand even when releasing an arrow.

Lastly, there’s a wide range of intricate finger tabs that have split designs. This lets you use two fingers below the nock and one above it. You may also add features such as spacers, ledges, or other connection options to further tailor your tab according to your own tastes.

How Should a Finger Tab Fit?

It’s essential to choose the right size of finger tab for a comfortable fit. You want it wide enough to cover your entire fingertip, from the outermost edge of your index finger down to the inner side of your ring finger. If you wear an ill-fitting one, there’s a high chance that this can cause pain and discomfort in your fingers!

Finger Tab

Finding the correct finger tab for your shooting style and expertise level can be tricky, however, it’s vital to consider both the width of your hand and fingers as well as your technique. Remember that most tabs will fit slightly larger than normal gloves; therefore, if you usually wear a large-sized glove begin with a medium-sized one.

Finger Tab Vs Finger Gloves

Shooting gloves are not the same as finger tabs, even though they might seem similar. Finger tabs can look like a glove and offer protection from the bowstring, but shooting gloves fit over your fingers and provide an extra layer of defense. Most shooting gloves are made out of leather for optimal durability, although you wouldn’t usually use them in place of a tab – rather for added coverage when needed.

To determine which is the right fit for you, besides your own preference, consider where you anchor and what aiming method you use. If anchoring below your chin with a sight on the bow, opt for a finger tab. On the other hand, if opting to anchor on your cheek without using a sight go with a finger glove. It’s evident why Olympic archers prefer finger tabs while traditionalists tend towards gloves – they’re simply better suited to their respective methods of shooting!

How To Trim And Break In Your Tab

Now that you’ve settled on the right finger tab for your needs, it’s time to break it in and customize the fit by trimming the leather. Start by taking out the packaging and assembling your tab, then shoot a few practice shots to create creases. This will show you exactly where the string rests; use this as a guide when cutting away excess material! Trimming your new finger tab correctly helps ensure maximum comfort while using it—so don’t skip any steps here!

Finger tabs can often be too large right after purchase, so you must break them in and customize them to fit your hand. Trace the shape of your fingers onto the tab with a marker while ensuring that its crease lines up correctly on where you hook onto the string. After this process is complete, you will have a finger tab customized just for you!

Grab a sharp pair of scissors and cut the layers of your tab into an arc pattern, using your finger tracing as a guide. Also, carefully trim off just the top layer of the tab that touches the string until it’s even with its backing layers when you wrap your fingers around the bowstring. Continuously assess how this fits to ensure it is tailored accurately according to what works best for you.

How To Use a Finger Tab

  1. Insert your middle finger into the loop or attachment of the finger tab. Secure this loop and make sure to place the fabric side of the tab on top of your three shooting fingers.
  2. As you grasp your bow in one hand, nock an arrow to the bowstring. With your index finger placed above the nock of the arrow and middle and ring fingers below it, use a finger tab to ensure all digits are properly positioned on the string. By taking these steps before drawing back, you’ll increase both accuracy and power with every shot!
  3. Pull the bowstring back slowly by pushing out against the handle of your bow, and draw it closer to your anchor point. When using a finger tab, most archers prefer to use either the corner of the mouth or jawbone as an anchor point.
  4. Once you have the bow in your hands and pointed towards your target, keep a firm grasp on both anchor points. When ready to fire, release with ease by pushing all three fingers into a straight line – this will guide the string off of your fingertips before it sends the arrow soaring! Be sure not to ‘pluck’ or abruptly remove your hand from the string as doing so may lead to unstable accuracy.
  5. To perfect your shot, let the bow lean forward then analyze and readjust your finger tab position or release if needed.

The Best Archery Finger Tabs

With so many outstanding options available, selecting the perfect archery finger tab for you can be daunting. To help make your search easier and more efficient, here are some of the most reliable, top-notch tabs to get started: Test out a few varying styles and materials until you find what best suits your needs!

1. Hide And Drink Leather Archery Finger Guard


If you want a sophisticated yet practical finger tab that comes with the assurance of a warranty, then look no further than Hide and Drink’s finger guard. Its classic design is meticulously crafted out of premium full-grain leather for maximum quality and longevity. These tabs are so dependable that their company provides an impressive 100-year guarantee – if ever something goes wrong they’ll do everything to remedy it!

2. Bicaster Archery Finger Tab


The innovative Bicaster archery finger tab provides a modern twist on the traditional leather finger tab. The adjustable thumb rest, little finger rest, and spacer make this high-quality product customizable to ensure your perfect fit whether you’re competing in tournaments or just enjoying some casual shooting with friends.

3. Cyberdyer Cow Leather Archery Finger Tab


Users of recurve bows must have the CyberDyer finger tab! It is constructed with premium cow leather and offers a cozy corded connection point on its rear. Plus, you can personalize it to fit your needs since the material is easily molded or trimmed down. So if you want a budget-friendly yet comfortable finger tab, this one takes the cake!

4. Sas Elite Aluminum Suede And Leather Finger Tab


Introducing the SAS Elite finger tab: a superior combination of aluminum, suede, and leather that offers customizable protection. With double layers of leather on its adjustable finger strap, ledge, and little finger support to shield your skin from the bowstring’s impact – this high-quality product guarantees comfort and reliability. Plus with sizes ranging from small to large, you are sure to find one tailored just for you!

5. Allen Premium No Pinch Finger Shooting Tab


Looking for a no-nonsense finger tab at an unbeatable price point? Look no further than the Allen Premium No Pinch Tab. This sleek and straightforward design comes with nothing more, or less, than you need– ideal for those who just want to get shooting! The split-style construction makes it simple to use from the start and requires minimal breaking in time. Best of all? It won’t break your budget!

Choosing Your Perfect Finger Tab

Selecting the perfect finger tab for your archery needs can be quite daunting. With a range of brands, sizes, and styles to choose from, it may feel overwhelming when looking for something that fits you perfectly. First and foremost; make sure the leather is comfortable in your hand as this will provide an optimal connection with the bowstring along with ease of use. Once you’ve identified what feels right to you – finding the best finger tab won’t seem so complicated anymore!

When it comes to finding the perfect archery finger tab for your needs, size is only part of the equation. It’s best to visit an archery store and try out different styles until you find what works best for you. You’ll be able to see how they fit on your hand as well as test them out by shooting with them so that you can make a more informed decision!

Final Thoughts

Finger tabs are a significant component of your archery gear that can significantly influence both your comfort and precision. Even though they look simple, finger tabs play an integral role in the shooting process, so you should be sure to locate the right one for you. Not everyone may choose to use them, but it is worth considering as they add another level of challenge and excitement when practicing Archery! We hope this guide has been useful in helping you make the best decision regarding finger tabs for archery!

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