What Everyone Ought To Know About Broadhead Target

The broadhead is a steel arrow tip with sharpened edges and a point on the end, making it lethal when used as if intended to kill or wound. It was once reserved as a weapon that could be used only by someone who has earned the right to hunt with it; this meant passing through several tests and ceremonies. Today you can buy a broadhead in most sporting good stores.

The purpose of the arrow is to kill. However, when using modern bow equipment (which is not recommended) it can be shot at targets for fun and practice purposes. While some people think this is fine, others disagree because they feel that by doing that you are wasting an expensive arrow tip.

The broadhead was meant to be shot at an animal, not a target. On the other hand, some people say that shooting it into a target can decrease the risk of injury or even death to animals, since you are practicing with an arrow tip that is intended for hunting animals. Since later in life you might find yourself hunting with a bow (which, again, is not recommended), using an arrow with a target tip on it can get you used to the feeling of shooting one.

Another purpose for shooting your broadhead into targets is to see how accurate you are at hitting them. This way if you ever need to use your bow in self-defense or when hunting you will know if you can actually hit your target. Although many religions forbid the taking of a life, there is nothing in any handed down scripture from God that prohibits practicing with your weapon for hunting, self defense or show.

However, broadheads are designed for killing and lopping off limbs. While it might be fun to shoot into a target, it doesn’t give you the same feel as shooting at an animal which is what broadheads are made for.

While some people disagree with using a broadhead on a target, others believe that it helps you become more accurate and familiar with your weapon’s capabilities.

What are the three basic types of Broadhead?

1. Fixed blade: Blades are attached to the main body and usually covered by a plastic cover.

2. Replaceable blade: The blades can be removed and replaced, and may rotate to reduce drag and increase speed.

3. Mechanical blade: This type of head is extremely low-profile in flight, but gets larger when coming into contact with the target.

There are two different types of mechanical heads:

Chisel tip: The blade is the same width as the ferrule and enters the animal like a screw

Open tip: Blades are wide enough that they open on contact with an animal, causing extensive internal damage. The blades remain in the animal, making it impossible to recover.

4. Retractable blade: This type of head is similar to the replaceable blade because the blades are attached to the main body and usually covered by a plastic cover. The difference is in how they attach to the arrow shaft; instead of screwing on like other models, retractable blades snap onto their base.

5. Expandable: This can be either fixed or mechanical. Broadheads using fixed blade technology are the most traditional models. They have a two, three, or four-sided tip held in place by either glue or screws. The blades are either manufactured out of one piece of steel or several pieces made into one complete blade.

6. Whisker biscuit: This broadhead is made of two or four slotted metal blades that are held in place by a plastic piece.

7. Rubber band broadhead: This type uses rubber bands to attach the blades to the arrow.

What is the best broadhead target?

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There are many options available to choose from. You should select one based on your needs and the type of broadhead you will be using ( not recommended). For example, you can shoot at a foam target with plastic blades, allowing the arrow to sink into it and be retrieved. Many hunters collect their arrows after practice by using a device that gathers them up while dragging on the ground.

If you are practicing with your broadhead for hunting or self defense then you should use one made of paper instead of foam because it will give you better results. For practicing with broadheads that are not the real thing, use paper targets instead of foam ones. Well now that is about all I have to say on this topic.

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I hope this article has helped you in learning about these types of broadheads. When choosing which one is right for you, remember that larger blades are more durable than smaller ones and will fly true without wobbling. Stick to the highest quality materials available for your money because chances are they will last longer and perform much better.