10 Best Scent Blocking Jackets For Hunting – Reviews

Scent Blocking Jackets For Hunting

A beginner hunter might be asking why they need a scent-proof jacket while hunting. The answer is simple – animals have an extraordinary sense of smell and can detect human scents immediately, causing them to flee in fear! No matter how pleasant we may seem to other people or even how expensive our cologne smells; if you don’t wear a scent-proof jacket, the game will always recognize your presence.

For hunters, scent blocking jackets provide a much-needed defense to prevent their body odor from alerting the game. With the abundance of options on the market today, it can be bewildering to find one that is up-to-par with your needs and requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the best scent blocking jackets available now and discover their remarkable features!

10 Best Scent Blocking Jackets Reviews

1. Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket

Scent Blocker Knock Out Jacket

This bomber-style jacket is detailed with 2 advanced technologies that keep your body scent from escaping. It’s been designed to include the trinity scent control technology, a synthetic polymer that easily absorbs human odor and covers the whole inner lining of the jacket for maximum absorption capacity.

The second technological advancement is body lock technology, which includes odor filters positioned at the neck, wrists, and waist – key exit points of smell. The elastic bands guarantee that any remaining scent is sealed within these areas after Trinity Scent Technology has done its job.

The jacket is crafted from layers of feather-light fabric and has been designed with an innovative lightweight technology called XLT. The outer layer is fabricated from a soft material, while the inner lining bears an intricate embossed pattern to make it more flexible and breathable than ever before. Its lightweight design gives you maximum freedom during hunting – so that you can move in any direction without worrying about rips or tears at the seams!

2. Scent Blocker Alpha Jacket

Scent Blocker Alpha Jacket

The Alpha jacket earns its name for good reason. Crafted to keep you warm and comfortable when hunting, this is your ideal companion on an outdoor adventure. With a hydrophobic coating that repels water as well as a fleece outer layer that can block winds up to 50 mph – nothing will come between you and success! Enjoy uninterrupted warmth while staying silent in the wild with the Alpha Jacket: designed specifically for those who dare brave nature’s elements.

This jacket features a hood with an adjustable crown and sides, allowing you to securely fasten the hood around your head for added warmth and protection from external elements. The visor helps protect your eyes from harsh sunlight while still preserving an unobstructed view of the horizon – essential when hunting! What’s more, this hood is easily removable so that you can remain quiet as it might cause some wind noise if left sitting around the collar.

This jacket features a smooth, full-length vision zipper that begins at the waist and extends up to the chest before curving off towards one side. This prevents any uncomfortable chaffing around your chin or beard from getting caught in it, so you can enjoy maximum comfort without bothersome irritation.

3. Scent Blocker Outfitter Jacket

Scent Blocker Outfitter Jacket

The Outfitter jacket features Rain Blocker technology so that you stay dry, but perspiration can still escape. This is possible thanks to the membrane system with its specialized pores that let vapor molecules pass through while blocking out water droplets. Additionally, all seams are heat-sealed and reinforced with waterproof tape to guarantee complete protection against rain or wind – no matter how long your hunt takes!

This jacket features a secure, full-length front zipper that allows you to adjust your body temperature with ease. Unzip it during warmer days and zip it up snugly during chilly temperatures; the storm flap keeps any precipitation away while blocking out the wind chill. To ensure ultimate protection from Mother Nature’s elements, Rain Blocker fabric has been integrated into the design of this amazing piece of apparel!

With its Trinity Scent Control Technology, this clothing line powerfully absorbs body odor and then utilizes Body Lock Technology to make sure that no smell can escape. Odor filters have been strategically placed at the wrists, neckline, and waistband of every product to ensure maximum scent absorption – locking it away until you’re ready for a fresh start!

4. ScentLok Full Season Velocity Hunting Jacket

ScentLok Full Season Velocity Hunting Jacket

This beloved jacket is the perfect choice for any season! It has a lightweight construction and Durable Water Repellent coating, offering you protection from wet weather. Additionally, this outer fabric helps keep you warm in cold temperatures by layering with other clothes underneath. With unparalleled versatility to hunt whatever the weather may bring, it’s no wonder why everyone loves wearing this jacket all year round!

This jacket is made with a micro tricot fabric that provides both the utmost comfort and silence when making small movements. Its camouflaged accents further enhance your ability to stay undetected, allowing you to creep up on prey without giving away your presence. The carbon alloy scent absorption technology ensures you remain odorless, staying off the radar of even the sharpest-nosed bucks as you draw nearer for an accurate shot!

5. Scent Blocker Dead Quiet Jacket

Scent Blocker Dead Quiet Jacket

As the name suggests, this scent blocker jacket is incredibly quiet in the woods and gives you the upper hand when trying to close in on your prey. Its features include all three system layers: soft, warm and silent – making it ideal for any season. Its outer fabric has been treated with a hydrophobic coating which repels water so that you stay dry even while caught in a rainstorm! Additionally, due to its super stealthy exterior made of very quiet material, it decreases sound by absorbing noise whenever movement occurs; giving hunters an advantageous edge over wildlife.

This fabric is designed to help you blend into your surroundings so that the game you are targeting won’t realize you’re there. Additionally, it has superior odor retention capabilities, ensuring that you remain undetected and quiet while on the move. The jacket incorporates trinity scent control technology; its inner lining features a synthetic polymer specifically created to absorb body odors. In addition, its body lock technology includes filters around all of the exit points (wrists, neck & waist) which prevent any aromas from escaping outside of your garment.

6. Scent Blocker Protec HD Jacket

Scent Blocker Protec HD Jacket

The Protec Jacket is precisely what you need for late-season hunting as it has a thickly lined interior to maintain your body’s temperature throughout chilly weather. The fleece material utilized provides an unbeatable wind barrier, while still allowing vaporized sweat to escape and keep you warm yet dry on the inside.

This hood features a sun visor to protect you from the scorching rays while also providing warmth. The one-sided adjustment pulls make it easy to fit snuggly around your face which isolates the head and neck area for ultimate protection against cold weather. Furthermore, added insulation is provided by the full front zipper with an internal wind flap that ensures the heat stays in at all times – so you don’t have to worry about not feeling comfortable outside!

By integrating partially elastic wrist sleeve cuffs as well as a half-elastic waist, this garment is designed to prevent heat from escaping and keep you feeling warm. The adjustable drawcord at the waist creates an airtight seal that hugs your body to lock in warmth for optimal comfort.

7. Scent Blocker WindTec Fleece Jacket

Scent Blocker WindTec Fleece Jacket

This mid-weight jacket is the perfect companion for your next hunting trip! Constructed with a wind blocker membrane layer, you’ll be shielded from chilly winds and remain comfortably warm no matter what season. Additionally, it can easily be layered on the inside providing added warmth during late-season hunts. With this jacket, even the coldest weather won’t stand in the way of an amazing outdoor adventure!

This jacket is designed to keep your body heat and odor contained. It securely closes tightly at the neck, waist, and wrist sleeves with a snug fit, so you can stay warm without giving away your presence in nature. The silent microfleece polyester outer shell allows for a stealthy movement like drawing a bow or sneaking up on prey undetected while still blending into the camo background of nature’s environment.

8. ScentBlocker Switchback Jacket

ScentBlocker Switchback Jacket

This white camo-accented jacket is ideal for snowy hunting grounds. Crafted with 100% polyester Sherpa fleece, it offers warmth and comfort akin to that of sheep wool. The outer shell features a waterproof coating that keeps rain or snow from penetrating through, as well as windproof technology to protect against the cold winter gusts — so you can stay warm and dry in any weather condition!

The waterproof membrane of the jacket is designed to be breathable, so you can stay dry and comfortable on your hunt. It also features a body lock technology with odor filters at exit points, as well as an S3 Silver anti-microbial technology that prevents odors from forming in the first place. These impressive technologies make sure you remain confident while enjoying uninterrupted hunting sessions under any weather conditions.

9. Scent Blocker Smackdown Xlt Jacket

Scent Blocker Smackdown Xlt Jacket

This full zip bomber-style jacket comes with XLT (Extreme Lightweight Technology) and is crafted from lightweight polyester material—perfect for early-season hunting. Controlling body odor in warmer weather can be a struggle, as the heat causes increased perspiration that leads to an unpleasant scent. This jacket’s breathable fabric rapidly disperses sweat, leaving you feeling dry on the inside while its Cold Fusion-infused carbon technology provides an airtight seal to contain vaporized odors within.

Featuring elastic cuffs and a waist with an adjustable fit, this jacket is designed to lock in scent as well as keep cold air from reaching your skin. The stand-up collar also helps trap odors while protecting the neck region. Additionally, it boasts a full-length body zip for easy removal and two snap pockets that make room conveniently store hunting gear. On top of all this, its angled chest pocket allows you to store phones or iPods so you can stay entertained during your hunt!

10. Scent Blocker Bone Collector Matrix Jacket

Scent Blocker Bone Collector Matrix Jacket

If you’re an avid hunter and often find yourself trekking through the wilderness with a softshell jacket, then you understand how any noise of burrs or brambles can alert your prey. With this special soft shell fabric, however, crafted for superior stealth, hunters are provided with optimal silence as they move into perfect aim. Plus it’s been treated to create a water-repellent barrier that repels droplets from soaking in within heavy downpours – preserving warmth and dryness longer so that hunting is never interrupted!

With the Trinity scent control technology and synthetic polymer lining, your body odor will be absorbed and locked away. Using the added bonus of Body Lock Technology – a series of filters placed strategically around exit points to trap any escaping odors – you are guaranteed ultimate stealth when hunting or hiding out in nature! Now you can hunt without worrying about giving yourself away due to smell.

Buying Guide

Before investing in a scent-masking jacket, you must take the following into account:

I. Technologies

Every scent blocking jacket is equipped with advanced technology that traps and absorbs your body odor. It might be hard to understand the technical aspects, but you should look for a product featuring both an inner fabric capable of absorbing any smell and some sort of locking mechanism that prevents odors from escaping before they are neutralized by absorption.

II. Fabric weight/ density

The fabric density of a jacket determines the level of warmth it will keep in, which then decides when you should put on it. Jackets with a dense material are usually hot because they preserve heat well. So, they’re best to don late during hunting season when temperatures drop drastically.

Medium-density jackets are ideal for the mid-hunting season, and can also be used in the later months if you layer with thick clothing underneath. However, light jackets remain your best bet; they’re lightweight enough to keep you comfortable during early-season hunts, yet provide ample warmth when worn beneath other garments throughout all seasons of hunting. By investing in a good quality light jacket, you’ll stay warm while keeping focused on your goal!

III . Camouflage

When it comes to camouflage accents, the most widely used options are mossy oak and real tree extra. These jackets come in various colors and patterns for a wide range of hunting grounds – making sure you don’t stand out like a sore thumb! It’s especially crucial to consider your terrain before investing in one as mossy oak is perfect for woodlands while others might not be so well suited. So if you’re looking for something that blends seamlessly with nature – look no further than this incredible patterning option!

IV. Flexibility

Flexibility is essential for both comfort and stealth. A scent-blocking jacket should be flexible enough to let you move around with ease so that your prey will not hear any creaking or straining of the material as you stretch. If your hunting apparel is too tight, it may make noises when you shift positions which will alert nearby animals.

V. Size

You must choose the correct size for your scent-blocking jacket since there are no adjustable sizes available. If it is too large, then it won’t fit and if it’s too small, some of the critical smell-blocking technologies will fail to work properly – elastic cuffs, for example. These can only seal off wrist exit points when they’re a snug fit on even tiny hands; any excess space defeats their purpose entirely.


Scent blocking jackets have transformed in recent years, incorporating advanced technologies and a wealth of potential for further progress. When selecting the ideal scent-blocking jacket for your hunting location or season, you should look to ensure it includes all the essential components required to keep you undetected from the game–including an impeccable fit that offers flexibility and camouflage so as not to hinder your performance.

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