Archery Range Rules Updates

Archery Range Rules

Archery Range Rules: Follow Basic Etiquette for Safety and Fun

Archery is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years. In order to enjoy archery, you need to follow the rules and etiquette at the range. Archery ranges are private property where people gather with their bows and arrows to shoot targets from a distance. The purpose is two-fold: safety and fun! As long as everyone follows basic etiquette, they will be safe and have a lot of fun shooting arrows.

Etiquette on the range includes

  • Etiquette is an important part of a fun, positive and safe experience on the archery range. Proper range etiquette starts with safety, for you and others around you.
  • Keep your fingers and other body parts away from the bowstring while drawing or shooting. With a 60 lb draw weight, an arrow can fly at over 150 feet per second. This is no joke! It’s not worth getting injured by accidentally brushing up against it and causing serious injury to yourself or another person standing nearby.
  • You must be aware of other shooters on the range. Archery is a long distance sport, so you need to make sure people are not standing in your line of fire when you draw back an arrow.
  • The first person shooting should let everyone else know what they are doing by giving some sort of warning before drawing their bow and letting an arrow fly. This is just common courtesy, but also extremely important for safety!
  • Be sure to unstring your bow after you are done shooting or pass it off to someone else so they can string the bow for you.

Archery Range Rules

In addition to specific rules related to the range you’re shooting at, there are some universal practices that help maintain a safe practice environment.

Know and obey all range commands.

  • Inspect your equipment prior to shooting.
  • Always wear your arm guard and finger tab.
  • Keep your arrows in your quiver until you are told to shoot.
  • Always walk, don’t run, on the range.
  • Only shoot a bow with an arrow properly nocked. To shoot without an arrow is called a dry fire.
  • Keep arrows in the quiver until ready to shoot.
  • Keep arrows pointed down or towards the target.
  • Shoot only the targets in your lane.
  • Be certain your line of fire is clear.
  • Only walk down range when it is clear to do so.
  • Stand on the same shooting line as other archers, not in front of or behind them.

Archery Range Whistle Commands

Two Blasts – “Archers to the shooting line”

One Blast – “Begin Shooting”.

Three Blasts – “Walk forward and get your arrows.”

Four or More Blasts (series of Blasts) – “Stop shooting immediately and put your arrows in your quiver.”

What are the most important Archery Rules?

  1. Scoring Rules
  2. Match Play
  3. Points Scoring
  4. End Play Rules
  5. Timing Rules
  6. Knockout Competitions
  7. Tiebreakers
  8. Reshooting Rules
  9. Equipment Rules

Shooting Rules for Kids

Kids need to know that safety is the most important thing on a range and accidents can happen, so make sure they are respecting others around them!

  • Kids under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Youth groups need to have an adult present at all times and follow range rules for kids, which usually include:
  • Shooters under 14 years old should only shoot from one knee/stool while being supervised by their instructor.
  • Do not use a metal target face, as it can be dangerous.
  • Do not lean too far back or shoot at targets beyond your range.

Remember: Kids don’t always follow the rules and they need to learn safety before anything else! So make sure you’re teaching them how to properly walk around on the shooting line and respect others around them.

USA Archery Range Rules

There are four main rules for archery in the USA. They are mandatory to follow and these rules help to ensure fair play. They also ensure that all participants can aim, fire, and arrow at a target that is safe from others.

1. When shooting, the archer stands 10 yards (9.144 meters) from the target, which is called the “greeting distance”. The archer shoots in a straight line at a 45 degree angle to their face with both arms fully extended and fingers touching.

2. If arrows touch each other on any part of the body or shaft , the archer must stop shooting and put that arrow back in the quiver.

3. The archer must be barefoot when shooting and they may not shoot while carrying any object that could stop an arrow.

4. Arrows must be pointed down at all times, but if arrows are released in error, they may be retrieved with a retrieving device or fixed by replacing them .

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