Archery in COVID 19: The Ultimate Updated Guidance

In this hard time it’s very difficult to practice archery because of the current Covid situation and we are not even allowed to go outside to practice archery because of several lockdowns in various parts of the world. Even at some places it’s fully restricted to go outside and do any physical activity.

Archery in COVID 19 Update

Late December 2021 and early January 2022, there have been a few changes to Covid regulations across the UK. Archery GB can confirm that archery can still go ahead – indoors and outdoors. However, there are some limits to be aware of.

January 2022 Update

  • Scotland – The updated guidance is to return to Level 0 for indoor archery. Where it reads 2m distancing, this can be updated to 1m in line with guidance from the Scottish Government. For more information visit this page.
  • Northern Ireland – Archery can continue to take place indoor and outdoors. There are requirements for risk assessments for events of more than 30 people outdoors and 15 people indoors. For more information visit this page.
  • Guernsey, Jersey & Isle of Man – Archery can take place without restrictions on numbers attending or distancing of targets.
  • England – Archery can continue to take place without restrictions on numbers attending or distancing of targets.
  • Wales – No more than 30 people can meet indoors, this includes participants, judges, officials and spectators. If there are only juniors shooting then they are not limited and the minimum numbers of necessary adults can attend for the purposes of safeguarding. Full guidance available here.

Lateral Flow Tests: We suggest archers take a lateral flow test prior to attending their club. However, we know this may not be possible as test supplies have fallen across the country as demand has risen in recent weeks.

Therefore, we strongly urge all clubs and archers continue to follow the guidance below – which is similar to that which we issued last year:

  • All members, except if medically exempt or under the age of 11, should wear a face covering in indoor places, which are crowded and enclosed, and where they may come into contact with people they do not normally meet.
  • Face coverings can be removed by archers when actively shooting (replaced when collecting arrows or waiting off the shooting line).
  • Clean or sanitise hands and shared equipment regularly.
  • Clubs must consider ventilation for indoor venues – let fresh air in.
  • Clubs are allowed to implement procedures beyond these minimum requirements, and we recommend that their members are consulted on them.
  • Anyone with Covid symptoms should not attend, get tested and self-isolate if required to do so.
  • Clubs should not insist on Covid vaccinations without due regard to the ramifications – see below for more information.

Can we insist club members or beginners are vaccinated? 

It’s not a statutory requirement to have had a Covid-19 vaccine or take a test to participate in sport and physical activity, and this is also not part of Archery GB’s Covid-19 guidance. Sport England have created a document, specifically on the issues arising from vaccinations and whether providers can stipulate participants must have been vaccinated.

You can access this here. In summary, while a participant cannot legally be refused entry to a sport based on vaccination status it is acceptable for a club to ask if someone has been vaccinated and implement other safety measures to reduce risk such as mask wearing and ventilation.

Making vaccinations mandatory for participants would be a disproportionate response, particularly where the government has, and Archery GB has, given a general go ahead to participation, and also the nature of the sport of archery, where social distancing can effectively take place unlike other sports.

Club Support

Should you need any support or clarification then contact your Regional Development Officer or email

Facility Issues

Some clubs are unable to open because they are shooting on an education ground. Whilst we recognise the issues that schools are overcoming, we are aware some clubs have been able to return to shooting. We have created a letter template that clubs may wish to use to gain confidence that archery could return with minimal impact on the schools, its pupils and staff. Click here for more.

We are here for you to suggest some good ways by which you can follow for a continuous practice of archery.

Archery in COVID 19

Sanitize Your Equipment

You have been using equipment for so many days, even years, so it’s important for you to clean your equipment before you use it again. You have to sanitize it well so that all the viruses on it die before coming in contact with any other people. Don’t sanitize it too much or else you will end up damaging it.

Wear Double Mask if Going outside

If you are going outside for practice then you must wear a double mask. Single masks now don’t protect that much. So it becomes important to wear a double mask as it gives you an extra layer of protection.

Select a Empty Space

If you have gone out for Archery then must select an empty space , it will be beneficial for you because the new strain of covid can pollute the air near your surroundings. So it is necessary for you to get an empty space rather than a place full of people.

Use Thin gloves

Using gloves is also important as it will protect your hand and Palm . An Archer continuously touches the arrow and the bow there may be chances that you touch the bacteria on the arrow or the bow. So to be protected you must use Hand gloves for getting an extra layer for Archery.

Don’t spend too much time outside

Spending too much time outside practising archery is not a good idea in this current covid crisis. You should not have to take any single bit of risk to your life. So stay outside only for that much time you need to practice. 

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