8 Best Bow Hunting Hats For Warm and Dry This Season

Bow Hunting Hats

No matter what time of year it is, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. And when you’re out hunting, that means wearing a hat that will keep you warm and dry. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 8 of the best bow-hunting hats on the market today. We’ll discuss the features and benefits of each one, and help you decide which one is right for you. Stay warm and dry this hunting season with one of these great hats!

1.) Buck Wear Buck Hunter Hat

​Buck Wear Buck Hunter Hat

This rusty-colored hat is the perfect blend to keep you undetectable in a woodland setting. When combined with other camouflage hunting apparel, such as jackets and pants, this headwear will provide excellent cover making it nearly impossible for your quarry to spot you while still keeping proximity. The result? You’ll have a significant advantage that leads toward consistent accurate shots!

Apart from the rustic hue, its framed with white stitching that adds a touch of sophistication and makes it visually pleasing. To further enhance the stunning design, an eagle and deer sketch is printed on its left side – adding an artistic flair that immediately identifies you as a hunter!

If you have a big or small head, this hat can accommodate any size. It comes in one overall size but contains an adjustable strap at the back that easily conforms to your head shape within seconds. This versatile accessory is suitable for anyone who wants a comfortable and stylish fit!

2.) Alpacas of Montana Hunting Hat

Alpacas of Montana Hunting Hat

Whether you are hunting in the frigid winter weather or just need protection from gusting winds, this multi-purpose cold-weather hat is your perfect accessory. Crafted with a durable alpaca fleece on the outside and wind-stop polar fleece lining inside, it will protect you no matter what conditions nature throws at you. The waterproof design shields against snow and rain so that nothing can disrupt your hunt!

This hat is available in 4 sizes, and each size has been crafted with a specific head circumference in mind. Small: 18.5 – 20.5 inches; Medium: 21-22.5 inches; Large: 23-25 inches; Extra large: 25.5 – 27 inches heads are all accommodated through the adjustable bungee system, allowing you to customize your fit for maximum comfort!

3.) Lethmik Hunting Hat

Lethmik Hunting Hat

Not only is this hunting hat crafted from luxurious New Zealand cowhide leather, which makes it waterproof and windproof – ideal for weathering the cold outdoors. But its innovative design features ear flaps that can be folded away when temperatures rise or pulled down to cover your ears in colder conditions, keeping you both warm and dry so that your hunt isn’t interrupted. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you with this top-of-the-line hunting hat!

The inner lining of this hat is crafted from satin, giving an extra layer of insulation that will keep your head and ears toasty warm. Plus, the material’s smooth texture guarantees a comfortable fit every time you put it on.

This hat comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Perfect for heads measuring from 22 – 24 inches in circumference length – the small size will fit snugly on a 22-22.5 inch head; the medium one is designed to comfortably accommodate those with a range of between 22.75-23 inches; while those larger craniums sized 23.5-24 inches need only slip into the large size! Thanks to its elastic leather material, these hats are guaranteed to provide you with a secure yet comfortable fit no matter which size you opt for!

4.) Sitka Hunting Hat

Sitka Hunting Hat

This baseball cap-inspired hunting hat combines the classic style of a traditional baseball cap, protecting your eyes from bright sunlight with its bill, and offers waterproof features thanks to Gore Tex fabrics. These materials feature microscopic pores that are 20000 times smaller than rain droplets or snowflakes, acting as an impenetrable barrier against precipitation. With this headgear on hand during rainy days or chilly weather adventures, you can remain warm and dry!

But, these pores are 700 times bigger than water vapor molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through easily. This breathable quality enables the body heat regulation process by facilitating the evaporation of sweat from your skin.

Sitka’s hat collection includes two superior camouflaged options that put stealthy hunters a step ahead: the Waterfowl Marsh and the Waterfowl Timber. The former can be worn in dry fields and wetlands while providing optimal camouflage, while the latter blends seamlessly with wooded areas or open waters to help you stay concealed during your hunting experiences. Each one-size-fits-most design comes equipped with adjustable Velcro straps for customized comfort; so no matter what nature has in store, Sitka hats have got you covered!

5.) Filson Mackinaw Hunting Hat

Filson Mackinaw Hunting Hat

The Filson Mackinaw Hunting Hat is your perfect companion when you’re out hunting, no matter the weather. Crafted with tightly-woven mackinaw wool to keep water at bay and nylon insulation in its crown for extra protection against cold winds, this hat will ensure that you stay warm and dry throughout your outdoor adventures.

This hat features a short 2 inch bill to protect your eyes from the sun and face from rain or snow, while still providing seamless visibility – essential for hunting. Additionally, its ear flaps shield you against chilly temperatures and can be tucked away when it’s warm outside. These attached ear flaps double up as a neck cape to keep your neck snug in colder weather too!

The Filson Hat is available in five sizes for every head size imaginable: small (21.1-21.5 inch circumference), medium (21.9-22.3 inches), large (22.6-23 inches), XL (23.5- 23 .9in), and XXL( 23 .9 – 24 .3in). As this hat has no adjusting feature, you must be sure to get an exact fit before purchasing – a feat made simple with these precise sizing guides!

6.) Conner Indy Jones Hunting Hat

Conner Indy Jones Hunting Hat

Conner crafted this hunting hat with a unique bucket silhouette that boasts a wide brim of 2.25 inches to protect your eyes from the sun and shield you from the elements. Crafted out of weathered cotton, it’s made up of 52% cotton and 48% polyester for superior comfort and durability while in pursuit.

Not only is this material water-resistant, but it also safeguards your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays. It even has remarkable strength to endure crushing and quickly retain its shape as weathered cotton is exceptionally sturdy. With these advantages, you can rely on this fabric for all of your favorite summer activities!

This hat is ideally sized with its 5-inch crown height that snugly accommodates a great portion of the upper head while still leaving enough space between your scalp and the top. Further, two eyelets on either side ensure adequate ventilation for airflow above your head, maintaining temperature balance and comfort in warm weather as perspiration can easily escape through them.

7.) Scent Blocker Hunting Hat

Scent Blocker Hunting Hat

This hat is specially made for those who want to stay fresh and odor-free all day long. It features a revolutionary concept called Trinity Scent Control Technology, built with an advanced synthetic polymer material that absorbs body odor from sweat or other sources. With this groundbreaking technology incorporated in the design, you can be confident that bad smells will never ruin your look – so you can always feel as good as when you first put it on!

Not only does this hat keep you feeling cool and refreshed, but it also prevents your head from getting soaked in the rain. Its outer layer is treated with a hydrophobic coating that causes water droplets to form on its surface before rolling off- leaving both the interior layers of fabric and your head dry. Invest in this hat today so you can stay warm and cozy while out in wet weather!

This stylish beanie hat fits your head snugly, but its lightweight fleece fabric ensures breathability and comfort. Plus, when it gets too hot you can easily fold down the flaps to leave your ears exposed for extra ventilation and temperature control.

8.) Henschel Men’s Aussie Hunting Hat

Henschel Mens Aussie Hunting Hat

This hunting hat, designed after the classic fedora style, is offered in two distinct camo colors – Mossy Oak and Timber. The former blends perfectly with a wooded environment while the latter provides an ideal camouflage for dry grass and leaf-strewn terrains. To ensure maximum protection from both sun rays and rain showers, it has been crafted with a 3-inch brim that is lined to make it more hardwearing. The size of this brim makes sure your eyes, ears as well as all other parts of the head are shielded against UV radiation when you’re out on your next expedition!

Whether you want to show off a cowboy hat style or need better airflow, this brim is the perfect solution. Crafted from 65% strong and sturdy polyester and 35% cotton, it can be snapped onto the side panels of your favorite accessory – leaving your ears open for optimal air circulation while maintaining its shape even after crushing.

The leather strap wraps around the brim and fastens securely on the underside, ensuring your hat stays put no matter how active you get. This offers immense convenience as it grants freedom to work or run without worrying about losing your hat. Thanks to this secure fit, you can comfortably enjoy a wide range of activities while wearing it!

Buying Guide

Before investing in any hunting cap, it is important to bear the following factors in mind:

I. Type of hat

Hunting hats come in a variety of styles, such as baseball caps, flat caps, and cowboy-inspired designs. Opinions differ on whether long bills impede visibility or offer protection from the sun and elements – it’s all a matter of personal preference. Ultimately you should purchase whatever that meets your needs; several factors might influence your choice but at the end of the day what works for you is what matters most.

II. Weather

Beyond individual preference, the weather is also an integral factor to consider when purchasing a hat. For instance, baseball caps offer great sun protection and fundamental warmth while beanies provide substantial heat – especially beneficial for frigid climates!

When selecting your hunting hat, make sure to consider the climate of where you’ll be and opt for a thick material—one that will keep out harmful UV rays. Bucket hats and cowboy hats are perfect selections because they provide excellent protection from skin-related diseases caused by the sun’s strong rays—particularly during summertime. With these options in hand, you can feel confident going into any sunny condition!

III. Size

When it comes to hunting hats, you want one that fits your head perfectly. That’s why many of them come in different sizes! To get the best fit for yourself, take a few moments to measure your head circumference by wrapping a tape measure around 1/8 inches above your ears and across the mid-forehead. It is quick and easy – but essential if you want maximum comfort during those long hunting trips! So don’t forget: measuring is key when buying any kind of hat.

To get the right hat size for your head, measure the circumference of your head. Make sure to hold the tape firmly but not too tight when taking this measurement and record it in either centimeters or inches. With this information, you’ll be able to pick a hat that fits perfectly!

IV. Adjustability

Not only is finding the perfect size a must but having adjustable hats gives you the flexibility to make minor adjustments depending on your needs. Whether it be due to your head growing with time or needing a looser fit for different events, adjustability provides extra room just in case any changes arise. This makes adjustable hats undoubtedly superior to non-adjustable ones!

V. Material

Hunting hats come in a variety of materials, and each has its advantages. Cotton is gentle on the skin but won’t protect from wind or rain. Fleece protects from wet weather, though it may not be breathable enough for some users. Leather works wonders against gusts during cold months yet can become uncomfortably hot when hunting in summer temperatures. With so many options available, finding the perfect hat doesn’t have to be daunting – just choose based on your needs!

The Gore-Tex range of fabrics offers a unique combination: of windproof, waterproof, and breathable properties. This can make it difficult to select the best hunting hat for you; however, remember that no material can offer 100% satisfaction in all areas. If an issue with perspiration is your primary concern then cotton hats are likely to be the ideal solution for you.

VI. Camouflage

Lastly, you must decide on the color of your hat. When hunting, it is essential to stay invisible to your prey in order to get a close-range shot with precision and accuracy. The classic black or brown hues may not be optimal; yet camo colors like mossy oak can prove successful if matched with an entire outfit camouflaged accordingly.


Picking the ideal bow-hunting hat can be tricky, especially if you are just starting. To ensure that your headgear is precisely what you need for successful hunts, it’s important to consider two main factors: material and camouflage capabilities. Pay special attention to these details and choose a size that properly fits your head with adjustable features in mind – then success will follow!

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