5 Best Pistol Crossbows for Hunting and Target Practice

Pistol Crossbows for Hunting and Target Practice

Looking for the best pistol crossbow? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss the five best options on the market today. Crossbows are becoming more and more popular as a hunting and survival tool, and for good reason! They are easy to use, accurate, and can be very deadly when used properly. We will go over some of the different features that you should look for when purchasing a pistol crossbow, as well as some of the pros and cons of each option. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a Pistol Crossbow?

Pistol crossbows are much less powerful than recurve and compound crossbows, so they’re usually used for target practice rather than hunting.

Best Pistol Crossbow 2022 Reviews

When it comes to picking the best pistol crossbow for your archery or hunting needs, there’s no simple answer. That’s why we’ve listed five of our favorite options below – each one is unique in its way and offers a range of useful features that might be just what you’re looking for! So read on to find out more about these 5 incredible pistol crossbows and make the right decision for your next adventure.

1. Prophecy 80 Pounds Pistol Crossbow

Prophecy 80 Pounds Pistol Crossbow

The Prophecy pistol crossbow is designed with the beginner in mind; it has only a few parts and will not bewilder them. It features an adjustable rear sight along with a front bead sight for enhanced accuracy, making it easy to determine the range and boost precision when practicing target shooting. These two sights work together seamlessly to give you precise control of your shot toward any target!

This bow features an impressive 6.8” power stroke, making it exceptionally easy to cock the string due to its shorter draw distance. In addition, a draw weight of 80 lbs enables you to experience light loading and less strain on your arms when drawing back the string – perfect for both novice archers and those with weak hands!

Despite the small power stroke and low draw weight, don’t be fooled – this is no simple beginner’s “toy”. In fact, it can launch bolts at speeds of up to 165 FPS over considerable distances. It’s suitable for target practice training sessions, and with proper mastery can become a deadly weapon in any archer’s arsenal!

2. Manticore SAS 150 Pound Pistol Crossbow

Manticore SAS 150 Pound Pistol Crossbow

In comparison to the Prophecy crossbow mentioned above, this pistol crossbow is even more powerful and can be used for deer hunting. With a total draw weight of 150 lbs, it contains an immense amount of energy in its limbs. This allows you to shoot arrows at speeds up to 210 FPS with precision from as far away as 60 yards!

The bow’s specially designed fiberglass limbs are highly efficient at storing and quickly releasing the energy needed for a successful hunt. For added stability, it utilizes an aluminum barrel to firmly hold up against any tension from the string. With its high draw weight, this bow can be tricky to cock – but not anymore! Its foot claw allows you to use your leg and upper body muscles effortlessly so that you can pull off those shots with ease.

The SAS Manticore bow features an auto-safety cocking mechanism that effectively locks the string in place to guard against any unintentional discharging, which can be hazardous and even deadly. Additionally, this bow comes with 6 aluminum arrows and a 4×20 scope of excellent quality for its competitive value.

3. Wizard Archery 150 Pound Pistol Crossbow

Wizard Archery 150 Pound Pistol Crossbow

Much like the Manticore by SAS, this pistol crossbow boasts a draw weight of 150 lbs., enabling it to launch arrows with speed and force that rivals any other. Its fiberglass limbs give it unparalleled strength and power, allowing for arrow speeds up to 210 FPS! That kind of velocity is enough for even the largest game hunting, particularly if used in conjunction with bolts featuring 3 or 4-blade broadhead tips.

The Wizard Archery pistol crossbow is designed to be rugged, with a strong and durable aluminum barrel frame able to easily manage the strain of powerful string pulls. The reinforced construction ensures it can handle whatever you throw at it!

With its massive draw weight, drawing back the string of this crossbow can be quite a challenge. To make it easier, a foot claw is included with the purchase to help aid in cocking the bow. Fixed at the front end for extra leverage using your feet and upper body strength, you will find reloading during hunting expeditions to be simpler and faster than ever before!

For effortless reloading after each shot, this crossbow features a rope cocking device that requires less energy to use. Although some users have reported difficulty when attempting to utilize it, its 4×32 scope provides great optics for practice and hunting sessions alike.

4. Spartan Race Red Back Pistol Crossbow

Spartan Race Red Back Pistol Crossbow

The Spartan Race Red Back is the ultimate pistol crossbow for hunting. It has a draw weight of only 80 pounds yet can fire arrows at an incredible 235 FPS! This product is a must-have if you’re looking to upgrade your mini crossbows in 2022, and it’s one of the best finds we’ve come across during our screening process.

Assembling (stringing) a crossbow can be an incredibly arduous task, as the limbs are designed to resist tension. Thankfully, the Hori-Zone pistol crossbow comes complete with its own bow stringer – making it much simpler and safer for you to get set up in no time! Now you’re ready to start shooting immediately.

The bow contains an anti-dry fire protection system that prevents the firing of bolts when there is none loaded, greatly reducing damage caused by high tension and wear on moving parts. Plus, it comes with a patented ambidextrous safety system conveniently located at the top so both lefties and righties can easily lock their string in the firing position before loading any bolt.

Boasting a comfortable handle and foregrip, this device ensures shooting accuracy with its 235 FPS. The draw weight is only 80 pounds, allowing for effortless reloading which improves handling even further. With its soft grip design, you’ll be able to make precise shots in no time!

5. William Tell Archery Fishing Pistol Crossbow

William Tell Archery Fishing Pistol Crossbow

The Fishing Pistol Crossbow isn’t just for fishing – it is a versatile tool that can also be used in hunting or target practice. With its compact design, this crossbow is capable of firing an array of ammunition, such as 2 winged bolts, fishing forks, 6 mm steel balls, and short price arrows. Plus the 15-shot magazine gives you uninterrupted firepower with each round!

Crafted with a lightweight, yet durable aluminum body and nylon handle along with steel limbs, this bow is designed to withstand tough conditions. What’s more impressive? It holds an impressively low draw weight of 50 pounds which makes it particularly easy to use. Additionally, its compound lever system provides some let-off, further reducing the poundage for maximum power; allowing you to shoot a fishing dart through 2.5 feet of water!

The WT Piranha might not be the ideal selection for hunting deer, as its power and speed (110 fps) are comparatively low. However, it is perfect for fishing and small-game hunting.

Buying Guide

Owning a pistol crossbow can be overwhelming due to the vast array of features available. To ensure you purchase one that best suits your needs, make sure to take into account the following factors before making a purchase.

I. The speed of the shot

When selecting a crossbow for hunting, speed should be a primary factor in your decision. Crossbows do not store as much energy compared to other types of bows, so the faster it is—the better! Faster speeds make arrows more penetrating and lead to higher success rates when it comes to taking down prey. Conversely, if you’re looking for target practice then arrow speed won’t matter too much since targets are generally stationary and soft which makes them easy to penetrate no matter what.

II. Size

When it comes to size, you must decide which is more important: convenience or performance. Generally, smaller pistol crossbows are not as powerful as their larger counterparts but offer the advantage of being easy and convenient to carry and handle. If you don’t mind going bigger and better with your crossbow selection, then a large one will suit your needs best – just make sure that it has good performance too! Alternatively, if ease of portability matters most to you then opt for a small-sized option instead.

III. Draw weight

When selecting a crossbow, the draw weight is an important factor to consider. A low draw weight proves less physically demanding and forgiving; however, it equates to a weaker bow with slow firing speeds. If you prefer more power without compromising on cocking ease, select one that has higher drawing aids such as foot claws or levers. This will make your life easier while enabling you to have greater arrow speed and accuracy when shooting your target!

IV. Power Stroke

The power stroke denotes the amplitude between a crossbow’s string when fully drawn at rest and its cocked position. It can be likened to the brace height of a compound bow in theory; with an increased power stroke, your bolts are projected faster. However, other variables such as limb design and draw weight also significantly impact the rate of fire for a crossbow.

V. Accessories

When selecting a bow, you need to make sure that the accessories meet your needs. If arrows are lost often, opt for more of them while an extra string is necessary if frequent use is anticipated. But balance should be key – getting a bit of each accessory type will ensure all bases are covered and every situation can be accounted for!


Whether you are an experienced archer or hunter, or a beginner just starting out, the 2023 pistol crossbows reviewed above have something for everyone. Featuring a wide array of options and components to look through, this review and buying guide will help narrow down your selection process so that you can find the perfect pistol crossbow tailored to fit all your needs!

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