10 Best Scott Archery Release: Expert Reviews

Great shots can’t be taken without a great wrist release. It’s fortunate that Scott Archery carries a wide selection of wrist release options that will suit any hunter or archer. But before you decide to purchase, remember that what you need to consider is how comfortable you will be with the gear you choose.

There might be a type of wrist release that doesn’t work as well for you due to your shooting style. Therefore, you should try as many options as you can and choose the one that feels the most comfortable and effective for you.

That being said, here are the best 10 of their products that I’d recommend to anyone looking for a new wrist release.

10 Best Scott Archery Reviews of 2022

Scott Archery Wildcat

Scott Archery Wildcat is a top of the line archery equipment. It has been designed by a professional archer and it is manufactured by Scott Archery. This high-tech archery equipment features a unique design that works with the bow and arrow.

The interesting feature of this archery equipment is that it is light in weight and you can use it with one hand. Scott Archery Wildcat Wrist release is very handy because it makes it easy to carry the bow and release your arrow.

You can also adjust the tension of the string yourself using the wrist release by holding onto your wrist cord and twisting it clockwise or counter-clockwise according to how you want to shoot.


  • New, cam-lock fold back connecting strap for unimpeded use of hands.
  • With Stainless steel single jaw.
  • A Forward Knurled Trigger design that maximizes draw length and bow speeds.
  • With Adjustable trigger travel
  • It’s Proven Scott single caliper with Roller Sear design
  • Aluminum

2) Scott Archery Buckle Strap Little Goose Release

Scott Archery Little Goose Release Buckle Strap e1652537598134

Scott Archery Buckle Strap Little Goose Release is a new product in the line of products that Scott Archery has released. It is an innovative and stylish strap for archery enthusiasts. The buckle strap has been designed to be used with the bow and arrow.

The buckle strap can be adjusted to fit any bow size from small to large, making it a versatile product. The strap is made from high-quality leather that can withstand tough conditions and weather conditions, ensuring a long life of the product.

It also features two buckles on either side of the strap, which makes it easy to adjust the length of the belt depending on your needs and preferences. The buckle straps are available in three different colors: black, brown and red.

Scott Archery Buckle Strap Little Goose Release is designed for beginners and experienced archers, who want to learn how to shoot properly. The product helps you train from a beginner’s perspective and works with any type of bow. It has a strap use to fit your hand perfectly, so that you can shoot with ease even if your body is not perfect yet.


  • Material: nylon
  • Patented 5-hole length adjustment with solid swivel connector
  • Draw length maximizes by Forward Knurled Trigger
  • Patented angled jaw design for a better string clearance
  • Durable and popular designs.

3) Scott Archery Ghost Black Wrist Release

Scott Archery Ghost Release,

The Ghost Black wrist release is a wrist-based trigger that will automatically trigger the release of your bow when it detects your hand moving in a certain direction. It has been released to challenge the existing standard of wrist release.

The release is made from carbon fiber, which makes it light weight and durable. This wrist release can be used when you are shooting or while you are practicing archery. Its functionality is similar to the traditional ones, but it has some unique features that make it more convenient and user-friendly.

If you are new to archery, this wrist release will make your archery experience more convenient and efficient. The adjustable buckle fits almost any size hand while the quick release allows you to easily adjust the length of the sling at your convenience.


  • Auto-Trigger Magnetic Return
  • With True-Center Pulling to Reduce Loop Torque
  • With Stainless Steel Roller Sear Hook
  • Ergonomic Body
  • Knurled Trigger
  • 5-hole Length Adjustment Solid with Swivel Connector
  • Fold Back Strap Cam-Lock Connector
  • Neoprene for Extra Comfort Leather Strap

4) Scott Archery Sigma Release 3 Finger Gunmetal

Scott Archery Sigma Release 3 Finger Gunmetal

This is the third release in the Sigma line of products from Archery. The Sigma release 3 features a new grip, new shaft and a new trigger. It is available in three different finishes: Gunmetal, Black and Silver.

This model has been specially designed to deliver the best performance and accuracy in both bowhunting and archery. With the release of Sigma Release 3 Finger Gunmetal, Scott Archery released a new version of their classic gunmetal finish. It is available in several finishes and three different barrel lengths – 6.5″, 7″, and 8″.


  • Highly engineered for best accuracy.
  • Ergonomic shape
  • With machined 440 stainless steel internal components.
  • Sport type: Hunting
  • Closed position full radius tapered handle.
  • Adjustable trigger and travel adjustment.

5) Scott Archery Quick Shot Release Buckle Strap

Scott Archery Quick Shot Release Buckle Strap Black

The Quick Shot Release Buckle Strap is a very popular product. It was designed to be used by hunters who are looking for a good and fast release buckle when they are out in the woods. The buckles, which are made of steel, have been designed with a small profile that makes it easy to use in tight spaces.

It features a nylon webbing, which can be used for various applications. The nylon webbing is made with durable and high-quality materials. , and is backed with a thick, durable, heavy duty double-stitched nylon construction.

This is the perfect strap to use when you want to adjust or tighten the trigger release buckle through skin tight clothing. You can even use it while wearing protective gear like a hunting vest or ski mask.

This product is designed for archers who want to get a better grip on their bow. The product also has a patented design and it is made of quality materials.


  • Single-jaw caliper release
  • Ultra-crisp trigger activation

6) Scott Archery Shark II OD Green Camo Standard Release

Scott Archery Shark II Release OD Green Camo Standard

The Shark II is a new standard for the industry. The Shark II is designed to give shooters a more accurate and precise shooting experience. The Shark II features an adjustable trigger, which allows for the shooter to adjust the trigger pull from 5.5 lbs to 6.5 lbs and from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch at the same time.

The Shark II also features a better grip that gives shooters a more comfortable shooting experience, and can be adjusted using an easy-to-use thumb switch on top of the pistol grip.

The “Shark II” is a new model of the “Shark” series released by Scott Archery.

The “Shark II” features a redesigned grip, an improved trigger and a new camo pattern that looks like the shark’s teeth. It has an improved grip and trigger for better control of the bow when shooting in various conditions.

The release of the new standard for Scott Archery Shark II is a milestone for the company. The new version is the result of a long-term process and it will be used by all Archery Shark users.


  • NEW slimmed-down head design
  • NEW OD Green colored head
  • Dual caliper release
  • Solid Swivel Connector
  • Patented 5-hole length adjustment
  • Forward-positioned knurled-trigger that maximizes draw length

7) Scott Archery Echo Camo Strap Release

Scott Archery Echo Release - Camo Strap

The Echo Release is a camo strap, with a camouflage pattern that is made from the same durable material as the rest of the bow. The camo strap is available in two different colors, brown and green.

The camo strap is perfect for hunters and those who love to go outdoors. The Echo Release is designed for the hunter who wants a lightweight and durable bow that can be used in any weather condition. It has a camo strap for easy carry and comes with an arrow rest, quiver, and three carbon arrows.

The camo strap is a simple but effective upgrade that will make it easier to carry your bow around in the field. It also looks good with the camouflage pattern on the body of the bow.


  • Aluminum Neoprene Cotton Leather
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Roller Trigger System (RTS)

8) Scott Archery Hero X Purple Release

Scott Archery Hero X Release

The new Hero X features a new design with a more powerful and more durable wrist release than previous models. This is an important upgrade because it allows for smoother shooting and less recoil. The Hero X also has a comfortable design that can be adjusted to suit different needs.

The design of the release features an adjustable let-off setting, which can be adjusted. This means that you will have more control over your shot when you choose the right setting for your needs.

The wrist release is designed for you to control your bow when shooting without the use of any straps. It can easily be attached and removed in a single simple step. It is also faster and easier to use than other conventional versions on the market that require the use of an additional strap.


  • Available in vibrant blue or purple color
  • Scott-exclusive modified HyperJaws and Auto closing.
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Scott caliper roller proven sear design
  • NCS connector strap system for adjustment
  • Buckle leather strap

9) Scott Archery Hunter 3 Longhorn Finger Release Camo

Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter Release Camo 3 Finger

Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter 3 Finger Release Camo is a very popular item that is used in archery. It has a camo color and is made of metal. It has three fingers, which makes it easy to use and release the arrow, and it is also very comfortable to hold.

The trigger is adjustable to fit any hunter’s hand size, and the camo pattern makes it difficult for the prey to see the hunter. The Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter 3 Finger Release Camo is a great product that comes at an affordable price.

This product can be used for hunting purposes as well as for recreational shooting. The quality of the product will exceed your expectations and you will not regret buying this item!


  • With Three Finger Design
  • Connector Rope System
  • With Full-Radius Handle

10) Scott Archery Pursuit Wrist Release

Scott Archery Pursuit Release

The Scott Archery Pursuit Wrist Release is the most popular release among archery enthusiasts. It was designed to be a lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-use release that can be used for both right and left-handed shooters.

The Pursuit wrist release features an adjustable draw length of 14 inches to 23 inches and a comfortable hand position that can be customized depending on the user’s preference. The wide trigger design provides better control over the shot and reduces torque on the bow arm. The release also has a thumb trigger for additional control over the shot.

The Scott Archery Pursuit Wrist Release is a high-quality release that is made from durable aluminum and has a built-in silencer. The release is designed for the hunter who needs to be able to shoot with accuracy.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Double trigger system
  • Target-inspired multi-sear technology for best-in-class trigger feel
  • Includes three- and four-finger extensions
  • Adjustable trigger position
  • With adjustable trigger travel
  • Provides infinite length adjustment for any archer
  • Comfortable handle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What products does Scott Archery offer?

Scott Archery specializes in archery release aids, such as releases and snaps. If you want these products, Scott Archery is a good choice.

2) What is the most effective way to purchase a quality product from Scott Archery?

  • The amount of sales. Check the total number of sales from Scott Archery.
  • Feedback. Browse customer reviews.
  • The most important thing is to choose the right product for your needs.

3) What criteria does findthisbest use to select the top Scott Archery products?

By analyzing millions of Scott Archery reviews and customer reviews, we recommend the best picks for most consumers. The products are tested by our professional team with decades of experience, which helps us provide you with the most accurate recommendations and advice.

4) What is the number of top products you recommend from a brand?

In a brand buying guide, there are usually five to ten products. There were 43 Scott Archery products for sale, 18 of which were analyzed and recommended.

5) Where can I purchase Scott Archery products through FindThisBest?

  1. Visit Scott Archery’s website.
  2. Browse Scott Archery’s buying guide, then find the product on Amazon. If, for example, you are interested in the top 1 product Scott Archery Quick Shot Release Buckle Strap Black, you can view it on Amazon.
  3. You can order it on Amazon.

6) Who manufactures Scott Archery products?

Scott Archery products are primarily produced by The Outdoor Group LLC, Scott. Scott Archery receives products regularly from the manufacturers, and they have a good working relationship.

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